Creativity is a living breathing organism. It has to be fed and nurtured.

It is the dog days of summer. Kids are restless ( and so are you) wondering how the school year will unfold no matter which way your area is handling the back to school issues. 

Maybe you are dragging a bit some mornings and maybe some of your clients are feeling the same and you are on the short end of that stick.

You have to snap out of the funk because your job relies on you being at the top of your game. The creative product you deliver to your clients suffers when you are visiting funky town for too long.

What do you do?

Let’s assume taking a month off and sitting on the beach drinking mai-tais is only a dream and not a possibility. If it is, please stop reading and go pack your bags.

Now if I tell you these 5 mambo mojo moves then you have to promise me you will do them- today. Promise?

1. Multiply good karma- Do something totally unexpected for someone else on your extended team, related vendor or sub etc  TODAY

Not like holding the door for a man in a wheelchair- you should do that every day- but some one in the industry like a sub or a supplier. ( ok so not a client either. Absolutely not a client!)

Bake a pie for a sub, send lunch to your contractor, send an edible arrangement to a great customer service person at one of your vendors, send a card to a rep who has gone out of their way to help you, make some treat baskets for your UPS dude or dudette, mailman, lawn guys at your office- anyone really who is unlikely to be in contact you with you often on a real level. Reach out in some way to the peripheral team you rely on. Send this gratefulness into the world in a targeted and specific way and watch the creative thoughts come to you. It just works. Do not ask me how but guessing something about the endorphins and how helping others can make YOU feel good and whey YOU feel good then you are more creative. 

Bonus points for doing a random act for two people- remember make it someone in your business sphere just for the karmic work element!

2. Go to a museum. Virtually. 

Any museum even a home made museum-  but bonus if is an art museum. Go and take the rest of the afternoon off. Spend a good amount of time studying the paintings and thinking about the colors, texture, pattern and use of light and shadows. 

Museums are just the shit. They are always a place of mediation for me- some get spiritual in a church, for me it is a museum. I do not know if any are open right now but they should be as social distancing would be easy. 

Read this Travel and Leisure article for some good virtual museum ideas!

3. Field trips- Go to the beach, downtown, a cool neighborhood and take a picture. What? 

Take pictures of unusual things- use the portrait mode on your phone or camera. Create some visual art with your phone. Get down low and take the shot, get on your back and take the shot, shoot something straight down to see what it looks like as a birds eye view.

creative flower art
This photo was taken with my iphone and I love it. That is a vase next to it. The perspective is what makes the shot inspire me.

The idea is to get out of your comfort zone, go somewhere you always go but look at it differently OR go to a completely new place and find something that inspires you. This works too- it is stimulating your thought process to look at things differently and from a different vantage point and this is a key element of boosting creativity.

This shot was taken in LA at Dwell on Design several years ago- with again my iphone. it inspires me because of the proportions and color- your eye is trained to see proportion and it is important to cultivate this whenever you can.

4. Learn something new- preferably in the field-but does not have to be anything long and involved to be a spur to creative thinking.

 LEARNING NEVER STOPS. Learn to use Canva or Trello perhaps if you need a great “briefcase” online. What about art? Or bonsai trees? Try your hand at renderings or anything really that will elevate your business but in a non stressful fun way. 

5. Try reverse brainstorming.

I talk about this a lot in this post and is truly a fun way to attack a problem.  It is wild and crazy but fun!

This is a must read about jumpstarting a creative way to think!

6. What about designing for fun?

A space with no parameters other than what you set is a designers dream. So dream a little! I have been lucky enough to do this for several brands and it was a ton of fun and–gave me great things for my portfolio too. This is especially good if you want to add work to your site and you do not have much to show just yet. 

This is part of the original work I did for the Silestone Kohler project- it was so much fun!  Even though they asked for a kitchen and I gave them half of a house- and it did not get built exactly this way due to cost but it was an energizing opportunity to flex my design muscles!

Ideas were churning and burning!
And then this was the final result!

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