Grand Canal Refresh

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Refresh for a repeat client

We love the opportunity to work with a repeat client on a new space. There is so much value in understanding their style and having a good handle on how they make decisions and like to partake in the overall experience. In this instance, after having designed many of the core spaces in this client’s home, they opted to sell and move out. Mid-remodel of the master bedroom we had to pick up and transition the design to a new space, and consider the opportunity to re-purpose the original living room we designed for their old home to a new bonus space for the kids. This way the new living room could have a more contemporary feeling with rich multilayered colors and fun materials. The existing brick was very tricky to work around, but we had a pair of statement chairs in a bold pattern that were a great catalyst for the rest of the design.

From drab and dowdy to fab

Refreshing the entry with a beautiful chandelier and statement woven wallcovering for the material, we considered the vignette of the living room from that heavily trafficked area and tied elements of the fabrics and color palette together there to offer some true unity. From the gorgeous purple mohair bed to the fun artwork around every corner we found ways to layer textures and bold patterns in a way that really elevated the overall design. From drab to fab and certainly wine-bar entertainment worthy, we loved rejuvenating this home room by room to it’s best self for an established family who love to enjoy company together and entertain.