This 100 year old house in a revitalized downtown community needed serious rehabilitation.

The cabinets were redone in the mid 60’s and the layout did not function well for the serious cooks that now occupy the home. We redid the layout to include a new 48 inch range with a custom copper hood for an architectural focal point. The original main sink was squeezed into a corner area, so we resized this to become a prep sink that would service the cooking area. The main “clean up” sink was relocated to be under the double windows. The island was redone to become a clean work surface with nothing marring the contiguous work space. This island now claims a beautiful distressed walnut top. We chose a built-in refrigerator to better be able to blend the appliance with the surrounding cabinetry. Because of the natural window and door egress, it was tough to find a good spot for the 48 inch range the client desired. We took advantage of the existing old duct in the exterior wall to position the range beneath. Classic Calcutta gold  marble finishes off the traditional look of this beautiful kitchen.

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