Live edge counter tops, patterned barstool, farmhouse kitchen

A Bold Kitchen Refresh for a Bold and Fun Family!

A client with family history as fun and long standing in Pensacola wanted a new take on a new farmhouse style.  Something straight out of a Tale of Two Cities or the Hatfields & McCoys.  Fear Factor farm is HERE with a little kitchen refresh that just put us over the top!

We knew that this design would need to be as bold as the family who would enjoy it!  Saturated in color to co-exist with some of the existing paint colors and furnishings in adjacent areas.  A kitchen functional for a big time family cook who always has a serving to spare for someone who just drops on by. Pulling from her son’s recent passion for woodworking and her daughter’s inspiring life in the desert. These elements joined together is such a perfectly simpatico way!

Optimizing at it’s finest!

In order to optimize the budget, much of the labor here was handled by the clients. Boy what a difference it made when they dug in! After designing a floor plan we all loved, they tore down a wall that previously enclosed the kitchen. Thus, instantly transforming the space. What was a claustrophobic and  narrow space immediately felt lighter and bright!
The flooring and ceiling then became a domino effect transition discussion. How to unify, patch, mitigate the obvious. Installing a sharp gunmetal floor tile on a herringbone pattern was a last minute change . This was necessary when the flooring material simply couldn’t be patched (oops! and a big hole was found under the old range!). We LOVE how this flooring delineates the kitchen now though. Thus, acting as a visual platform for all the other beautiful colors and textures in the space.

A show stopping Island!

Obviously the island had to be a show stopper! You can see between the scale, color and size of that live-edge bar top there was nothing about this island that wasn’t instant perfection for the resident chef-de-cuisine! Our client LOVES to spread out here and have everyone up at the bar to watch and enjoy their meals, drinks, and family fun – so this was a really core functional element that we wanted to make sure was unique to her home. Her son finished that wood and you should have seen the crew who installed it!
The perimeter of the kitchen was kept fresh and bright and we saved a bit by giving the existing dish pantry built in a fun punch of color rather than tearing it out and replacing with new cabinetry. From the grasscloth wall covering to the punchy fabrics on the breakfast chairs and roman shade over the main sink –
Every element had to feel bold but balanced!
We were sad to wrap this one up but THRILLED to come back and visit for the shoot and know that many more fun times will be shared with the clients in this space! A testament to a simple, functional design and appreciation for letting color and texture and materials speak for themselves!

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