Our vintage collection is the envy of the
Gulf Coast !

Visit our historic Pensacola 1910 Prairie style cottage and see the beauty of wood work not around much these days and our many pieces of the past. We love our vintage and you have to be sneaky to buy it–Cheryl is attached to every piece of vintage:)

Designing interiors is all about striking the balance between appreciation for what is and the features of a space that really are true – and injecting a serum of color, texture, and the unexpected! We LOVE a good inspiration piece and for our client projects that very often stems from a vase spotted at an estate sale or an old ashtray laden with funky glaze drops that unify a color pallet you never knew you’d love. 

There is inspiration in everything and vintage is full of that verve. Cocktail sets and decanters. Swizzle sticks and ice buckets. Juice glasses and dish ware. And ohhhh the vases and objects de art. Use the shop as your resource library for the most unique and shapely vintage resources around. Priced right (sometimes too right because Cheryl hates to see these goodies go!) and ready for your home!