Business coaching including kitchen and bath design management

From: $1,166.00 / month for 12 months

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Add business coaching including kitchen and bath design management through The Design Paradigm option 2. All in with Sections 1 -11 which includes kitchen and baths! All the things you need to know and look for from pricing to the ins and outs of the design process.

The unique benefits of this program for you

  • Create a definitive business model with a method of calculating flat fees, when to charge hourly, how to implement the minimum expenditure and explain it to the client as a win/win for both of you.

  • Become a guerilla marketing genius. Not just ideas but how to nurture your own rainmaker qualities to come up with even more ideas that serve you best.

  • Become comfortable with your financials and projecting income. The most important thing I can teach.

  • Develop your plans for future growth- 1 year, 3 years, 5 years.

  • Attract clients that fit the needs of your specific business considering longevity in business, location and your own personal desires.

  • Gain secure knowledge of when to hire, whom to hire and how to train for optimal performance.

  • Become the expert in the room with enhanced knowledge of kitchens, baths, remodels and new construction and how to anticipate needs of clients and contractors.

  • Define and refine all processes for designing, implementing and managing projects from new construction to remodels whether is one room or 30 rooms.

  • Achieve methods to overcome obstacles, with a creative mojo to rival the best of the best.

  • Attain DGD Certification to showcase on your website and business cards

  • Business coaching including kitchen and bath design management. 

Business coaching including kitchen and bath design management

Only available with one of the three full programs: 

  • Premium pricing.

  • Office hours set up for those pesky dilemmas you want help solving. All 12 month program participants will have greater access to Cheryl. I will begin office hours however the fourth week of January for sign ups. These are 20 minute speed dating style of meetings!

  • PDF Guides bound and sent to you along with some DGD swag.

What is it about our App that is cool?
We are calling it ACT- Accelerate Creative Thinking

The most basic definition of a nudge is the act of “encouraging or persuading someone to do something in a way that is gentle, rather than forceful or direct” We want to use our custom app from Nudge to get you to ACT on the information we present. . Having the information in a format that makes it easy to digest just a portion of it while waiting in car pool line or between appointments and most importantly remember it later.

To this end much of the teaching of The Design Paradigm philosophy is in shorter information bursts and will be available on the ACT app as well as the main platform. The biggest problem for leaders and entrepreneurs is a lack of time resulting in not putting into practice what you have learned.

This results in 70% forgetting what the information entirely. We aim to change that with our multi pronged platform and accessibility to the information when you need it as well as encouraging you to ACT upon it.

Included with all of the sections:

  • Live workshops to put into practice what we are talking about in the subject study.

  • Each subject within the section has fully self contained video teaching as well as a written outline and this information will be on the Kajabi learning platform.

  • Video that accompanies each self paced class

  • Our signature nudge app we are calling ACT. This app will helps us communicate as well as assess progress and help you ACT upon the information with short bursts of teaching, encouragement, and accountability. You could do it all on this app if you so choose but you have both options. Includes checklists and such that will be beneficial. And this is the place to ask quick questions for Cheryl and LIz as well as a place for us to “check in” with you and review progress. We are here with you for the duration!

  • Damn Good Designer certification – minimum number of credits required: 100

  • Case Studies that will walk you through real jobs- with the costs, the profit, the problems, the solutions. 

  • Templates, forms, checklists, spreadsheets and more tools to help you run your business.

  • Most excellent guest Speakers periodically to enhance the value and specific to a particular industry.

Why is The Design Paradigm different?

For anyone who knows Cheryl well, it’s no secret that her world view of business has evolved from a long study of behavioral psychology and a deep passion and understanding of how the decision making process is influenced by consumer behavior. In her own business she works tirelessly engaging her team on how to harness this understanding in the business of design–a high touch and emotional business– cultivating good habits for critical thinking and technical brilliance when it comes to solving problems and winning over clients.

This outlook influences the way she teaches anything and everything about business and marketing.

Along with this unique vantage point, there’s no avoiding the wealth of experience her career affords having running a successful firm for 22+ years (20 of which has been with a team!) These insights will shape everything you learn from The Design Paradigm. She and the In Detail team are working actively in the trenches along side you, dealing with the same daily learning opportunities, shifts in market activity, and struggles with all facets if the business in an effort to do their best work and leave a trail of happy clients in their path. There is NO OTHER opportunity like this for business coaching including  kitchen and bath design management and is why it has taken a year to put together.

Our greatest strength is the unique approach we take to building a business-one layer at a time.

What to do next!

  • Register in advance at launch pricing. Pricing will increase after initial launch. This is a lot of information! 

  • Kajabi first classes will be released in mid to late December and a kick off for annual enrollees will be around that same time as well. The live workshops will begin in January. 

  • There will be an assessment form sent out to you within a few days of signing up. This is important in that it  tells us more about the type of business you are working in now and the areas you wish to work on. Our team will review all of these so that we have a good idea of the make up of the workshops. This will help tremendously if you need additional guidance from Cheryl on specific issues that come up along the way.