Great interior design marketing ideas!

We have done the heavy lifting for you! 4 magazine templates geared for interior design marketing. These magazines can be used with  your own photos and copy but we have also included a feature article in each one, and two or three other smaller articles or visual content so you only have to worry about your own photos and copy!

12 great reasons why is this an awesome marketing tool and how to use it.

  1. COLLABORATE with other like minded businesses and sell them ad space- your mailing list and prospects are IMPORTANT to those you do business with and who you give business to. ( we can make the ad template to insert for you for a small charge) Let them buy an ad in it- or trade.
  2. INFLUENCE Builders, Architects, Retail showrooms you patronize-they will be impressed especially if you mention them in a story or do a side bar. They may pass it on too and you can garner leads.
  3. Show GRATITUDE to clients whose homes are included and they love it- this can pay off in more leads! Worked for us!
  4. COLLECT emails when you use as an email opt in.
  5. Send out as a intro to your business when a lead contacts you.
  6. PROLIFERATE  your name out there when you include in your  newsletter e blasts.
  7. AFFILIATE  and sell with links in the pdf.
  8. DAZZLE your friends and family when you load to Issuu or similar platform ( basic is free) and show off your work in a magazine format.
  9. ACCELERATE growth by running “ads” in the magazine for your regular services, specialty services or any item you sell. We run Hunter Douglas ads a lot.
  10. CREATE  a snazzy intro as a gif when you load your pdf to Issuu. Then put on face book, pinterest, instagram for more brand awareness and a lead generator.
  11. MINDFULLY highlight one of your vendors each issue- then send it to them- dig deep and really talk about the vendor’s key selling points- much good will and that is always a good thing. Get it into people’s hands.
  12. EDUCATE- Do a lot of 3d? Include that in the mag and write something about why this is so valuable to your process OR inform people about the differences in quartzite and granite or marble- you get the idea.

At check out you will select which template you want. And always feel free to email me if you have questions.

Each interior design magazine template includes:

  • 20 to 24 pages
  • PDF can be downloaded once you make changes and enter into ISSUU easily and you can share the link in social media, newsletters, emails etc. ( you cannot take the articles and use as blog posts as some of the content aspects I have used before and Mr Google will not like this)
  • Completely original templates
  • 3 to 4 editorial stories- you will sub out your photos and copy and the story can be about anything- what I am providing is a guide- and a layout with it ready to go
  • 1 feature article in each magazine template that is added value content you can use in these magazines- my name is not included- and you can edit as you see fit if you want but should not be necessary.
  • 2 other articles you can customize or use as is- these are great for written and visual content
  • Front cover and back page
  • You can make up your own name or use the simple names I have put in as place holders
  • All pages are laid out for optimum ease and you just need to take out the photos there in the editorial and then insert your own- you can delete pages too if you like- but they are laid out now to look best in Issuu as a magazine format
  • Notes are included on each page for thoughts we had as we made them
  • Included are directions to load to Issuu in a “how to” download
  • You must make a copy asap when we send the link. We will retire that copy within 24 hours.






Canva design magazine templates


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