Click up templates for Interior Designers


Once purchased you will be emailed the links.  They will be mailed within 24 hours. The guides are within the template. If you purchase the perfect process or the mid-level process then you can join the Mighty Networks group. This info will be at the bottom of the sales order. Due to the nature of this product, there can be no refunds issued once purchased.

The magic of Click Up! For interior designer project management.



This is not just a template. I do not care if you use Click Up or not, but you could adapt this to any type of pm software if you opt for the work flow process and checklists too! It is the only thing we use to run a multi-million dollar company. And yes, it does not shine your shoes along with managing tasks or promise you that it does–but a more solid way to run a business in my estimation if you do not have to create it yourself. What we are offering represents a ton of work that you do not have to pay anyone to do!

If you use other programs, any of this can be adapted to work with them too. We use Everhour for time tracking, but the Click Up time tracking has recently been transformed to be very robust! And you can add the time tracked to your spreadsheets–I have added it for you and if you use something else then simply hide that column!!

How we got involved in Click Up

We use QB Desktop for financials and Click Up (formerly Trello) for project management, shop management and managing ourselves! We created a lot of this process in Trello and added it to Click Up which is more robust. 

Short of doing my own program which looked into–and was spendy–this works well for our team. This is not an “automated” type of deal. Yes, there are some automations you can do–we zap (with Zapier) our orders from e-commerce to Click Up, we click a button “po sent” and the client task is duplicated to the purchasing board and an “ordered” tag is automatically placed on it. And we are learning new things every day!  

Our favorite part aside from all of it being right there for us, is the design board where we can visually track everything we are working on. These templates of each room are made for you with a custom dashboard to add pricing, item #’s, vendor, your price, client price, etc. Now, this is not an “automatic” thing—you are filling it out. Once you get this done though you can cross reference via any of the views on the platform.

What is included? It depends on which level you want to invest in.

The templates included in all three- but with added processes, a detailed work flow, checklists and forms in the other two options and probably a lot more than can remember today!

Option 3- The Click Up templates introduction: $379

  • 10 guides with tips and tricks and how and what each lists means and what it is for including some videos (ok not great because not my wheelhouse!!) But a couple more to come! 
  • A purchasing folder with an automation to duplicate an ordered po to the purchasing board. All instructions on how to set it up are included.
  • A resource folder with 4 lists within: vendor list, vendor logistics, professional contacts, information resources. AND I HAVE INCLUDED A FEW THINGS ON THERE TO GET YOU STARTED! Including examples of frequently requested items in kitchens and a quick guide to lighting heights. This is the place to store anything you find that helps you or your team be more efficient! 
  • A new client lead simple list that you can move leads from initial contact through to dead leads or client status if you do not use another CRM. 
  • 5 lists in the client folder including a design board with premade templates for each room you can customize, a construction list that you can delete if not needed but it lists many construction needs you can customize, a bidding and procurement list, a construction docs list for plans, materials schedules, etc.
  • A ONE WAY portal set up on a task for clients and contractors where you can add things and they can download but do not communicate. They do NOT need to sign in–it is simply a link you email them. 
  • A premade dashboard of custom fields that are easily customizable but have made the key ones you would need so you can get started right away. Do not need a particular one? You can simply not pin it and it won’t show up! Better than deleting!
  • List views set up under construction admin that have material schedules set up and ready to be entered! 
  • Labels, views with all the basic info you will need are in the template to get you going. 
  • Automations set up for purchasing board (you will need to do some things but is step-by-step directions) 
  • Custom fields you need throughout set up
  • A custom dashboard for every component that you can export once filled out.
  • Examples throughout of how to use it so that you can then delete those…but you have them to see how it is done! 

This is SET UP to work out of the gate IF you read about it and watch videos—and there will be some more videos coming as well very soon from my team which might be a good thing! If nothing else, the design board represents a lot of work to get you going even if you wait to integrate more later. 

A lot of work has been done! And it was a BEAST – but now you do not have to! 


Option 2- Mid level process with our work flow of 3 phases, 10 stages and 100 steps to full service design! $689.00

  • Our work flow in Click Up as a list—WITH 10 stages, 100 steps including sub tasks and all the checklists you need to have your team (or yourself as I always click through my checklists or I will forget something!) make sure nothing is forgotten! 
  • A Click Up private forum on Mighty Networks 
  • Includes a 1 hour Zoom Q&A meeting to answer questions and help you navigate!
  • Over 120 checklists within and related to each task so you can check them off as you progress in the work flow. 
  • The evolution of an order process!
  • BIG BONUS—A logistics guide to freight. I have 22 years of experience dealing with freight and this guide gives you all the info you need to understand it and manage it better. 

Option 1-The primo perfect process level: $1289.00

Best value regardless if you use any of the templates at all! 

You get all of the above in both options 2 and 3  AND: 

  • A Canva template for our fabulous warranty and care guide – outlined for you to add your own data, but the best thing is that even if you did not add a thing–so much good stuff is written you can use. A great gift to end the project and off board a client properly. This is almost 70 pages of tips and tricks for all sorts of information for a client to care for their furnishings and make you look like a hero. You can customize in the Canva template we will send you for the items directly related to their home–BUT simply a lot of other great information that will help them! Plus many of the major mfr’s warranties are included as we use them regularly –and all you need to do is delete what is not applicable. This is work a VA would take hours and hours to do for you! (an $89.00 value)

  • Mighty Network Click Up group for a few months–to get you going

  • Includes a 1 hour Zoom Q&A meeting to answer questions and help you navigate!

  • Window treatment work order form- Editable PDF 

  • Custom bedding calculator in Excel

  • Custom shower curtain calculator in Excel

  • Our contractor scope of work outline. A simple way to communicate who does what on a project. 

  • Contractor agreement if you use one and code of conduct–this is a good one.

  • Excel budget layout for kitchens, baths, furnishings if you do this before you enter it into Click Up or if you decide not to use the export feature. Liz still likes to use these for the preliminary numbers! 

  • 3 editable PDF questionnaires ready to send to clients. 

  • Editable PDF Feasibility assessment for any type of project that involves k and b or remodeling. (a 39.00 value) 

  • Editable PDF of Kitchen selections with room for photos should you choose to add. This is for all the typical elements in a kitchen. 

  • Editable PDF of Bath selections with room for photos should you choose to add. This is for all typical elements in a bathroom. 

  • Editable PDF new lead form if you want to capture on paper before entering into Click Up. 

  • BIG BONUS- The entire process written out in a spreadsheet format as well as in the work flow–so you can adjust to your own needs and have someone go back and revise some of the parts of Click Up work flow that may differ from what you do–makes it easier! 

All of the above is a far greater value than what you are paying even if you did not include the templates! You can take this process and adapt it to any program honestly and would be more than worth it. I am passionate about small business success and have poured much of myself into this program–and am sure will be adding ideas and tweaking as we go along too–and you will benefit from an unpaid research assistant as I love doing it!

The goal for us in using Click Up or any Project Management program is to be able to do the following with our client projects–

  • Communicate with our team

  • Organize important emails–automatically

  • Screen shot and save to a task (not an automatic clipper that populates pricing, but way way more accurate!)

  • Training- Quick easy screen clip recordings. Send to a client or your team. Save on a task.

  • Document the critical steps of our process with checklists so that I do not have to be in multiple places at once! This is the EPITOME OF PASSIVE INCOME–you hire and your team is making you money while you are doing other things—but you have to ensure the process is solid!

  • Have easily referenced checklists for all the “moving parts” that is involved in this industry

  • Have a repository for up to date plans, elevations, specifications, material schedules

  • Have a place to outline the design elements in any space along with the specifics on the piece and all pricing

  • Be able to export at end of project to Excel for a wrap up

Why we like this method of managing project activity–

  • Tons of ways to use it and customize it to your needs
  • We are “instigating” the actions and this is far more reliable than some of the more automated systems. We have too many tasks to manage this way and worry something goes wrong.
  • Works with Zapier to “zap” to integrate with other apps
  • Has many ways to view the information- board view, list view, etc.
  • Once the information is in a space then that custom field can be used anywhere and pull same information
  • Unlimited possibilities with custom fields of all types
  • Calendar view is great for overall planning and vision
  • It works so well with Everhour- our preferred time tracking and report gathering app- but the Click Up time tracking app is super cool too and you can track time by task and have it show up on the reports. 

Example of the purchasing board viewed in two ways. And you do not have to click back and forth–you can name it and have view by client and view by vendor easily!



“Love, Love, LOVE these ClickUp templates.

It might just take me a year to get through them all.” 😝

“This is *&$* spectacular.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  Worth the money FOR SURE.  Implementing it is freaking me out a little bit, but I’m committed!”

“YOU ARE AMAZING! I looked at the ClickUp template and WHAT?!?! MIND BLOWN!!!

First of all, I seriously cannot thank you enough! Second, I’ve only glanced at everything and just got to the Client Folder PDF Guide and my jaw has officially hit the floor. I cannot even begin to think how many hours you put into creating this template. All the videos, guides, etc….WOW!”


Bear in mind that checklists are based on what WE do. They may need to be altered for you–but how much easier to do once it has been written? You can go through them in an afternoon and update to fit your needs!


Note: Once purchased you will be emailed the links.  They will be mailed within 24 hours. The guides are within the template. If you purchase the perfect process or the mid-level process then you can join the Mighty Network group. This info will be at the bottom of the sales order. Due to the nature of this product, there can be no refunds issued once purchased. All sales are final!

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