This is how we work with the most fab clients- every day. 

These 8 client archetypes were developed based on my training in consumer behavior. This information is essential for understanding and working with diverse personalities and creating strong relationships.

The layout for each archetype with names like “The Intuitive Conspirator”  and  “Power Provocateur” contain brief bites of information on what this client might value, how they may purchase and more insights.

Concisely illustrated for easy training of your team and for review.

Observations of personality traits, how certain personalities will react and  what might trigger behavior. Find the  best ways to work with people by understanding their world view, motivations and needs.

This is not a comprehensive course in understanding consumer behavior- that may come later.

This is a strong 21 page document outlining 8 different archetypes including a couple you may want to avoid- and ways to spot them up front. Consider this a quickie course in the basics! And if you want to learn more then let me know- we may consider doing more training in this area and I am telling you it is worth it!

There are two pdf downloads- one is the presentation in total and the second is the 8 archetypes separately so you can print them alone and post them up to remind you of the information!

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Client Archetypes-Learn more about people and how to work with them


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