It is here! This guide has 6 modules with 150 pages outlining our business structure with downloads. Calculators for figuring the flat fee and minimum expenditure and helping you calculate your profit. Scroll through the project images!

Mastering flat fees and minimum expenditure contracts take some finesse and true understanding of how this is a win/win for both you and your client. Learn how and most importantly WHY we do this in this game changing guide from interior design business coach Cheryl Clendenon!

6 modules. 150 pages. The birth of the baby.

Including contract language for fees and minimum expenditure.

1. Mindset needed to charge flat fees and a minimum expenditure- how to talk to your clients about it. INCLUDING our entire CLIENT ARCHETYPE guide.

2. The rationale behind flat fees- how it will make you a better business owner

3. Our complete proposal- we do a presentation style proposal before the contract. I walk you through all of it – every page.

4. Sales and project management- and why we charge hourly for this element. What to do when clients shop you.

5. Profitability and Projecting Income- with calculators I developed and we use everyday. I have done all the work for you and these alone will change your business! I promise!

6. Minimum expenditure and flat fee averaging by 4 ways- calculator included!


Other helpful downloads too!

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How to make flat fees and minimum expenditure a win/win for you and your client!


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