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Marketing for Interior Designers.

3. Endurance, wit and pantyhose.

Marketing and sales for percipient originals who want to win it all.


4.Taming Tammy Faye. and Karen. and Karl.

Managing the client experience from discovery to presentation to install with nothing but your wizardly wand and a glass of wine nightly. ( the wine is not included but the wand is)

Defining your product, selling it to Hollywood and retiring rich on a yacht in Greece with Juan and Stefan.

This section will be March/April 2023. Should we offer a faster track you will have the option to take the early one. 

The full  live coaching schedule will be sent to you by mid January

Pricing is locked in if you purchase by Dec 31st.

Access to the ACT accountability app will begin 2 weeks before the live coaching commences and end 2 weeks after the last coaching call unless you are an annual enrollee. 

36 credits towards DGD Certification


  • 4  live dynamic workshops discussion and feedback ( 2 hours each)
  • Video and in depth written subject material in Kajabi for each subject you see here
  • Exclusive App with course highlights

  • Accountability assessments and communication for questions via app

  • Guest speakers that will make you money not just be influencers to meet and greet 

  • Additional “office hours” for annual enrollees

Additional Deliverables include:

  • 1 Magazine template of your choice with written information- all you have to do is insert your photos and some copy!
  • Website Overview by our team for helpful feedback- this is written but brief and will outline marketing feedback- not on stylistic value of the actual website
  • Warranty and Care Guide template for your use
  • Client Introduction template for your use
  • Install Day checklists
  • Branding Client Archetypes
  • Emails we use as guides for getting the review
  • Client set up install emails
  • Press release template
  • Media Kit template and guide to writing yours
  • Project Marketing profile spreadsheet ( for your own projects to keep track of pertinent details so always ready when editors call)
  • Photo shoot “creative director” checklis
Marketing for interior designers
Marketing for Interior Designers
Marketing for Interior Designers

“Marketing is my bag. This is quite different from advertising by the way. I firmly believe marketing must become part of your everyday activities and when this happens, it becomes part of the DNA of your brand and much easier. I can teach how this works and just a few of the ideas we incorporate every day will change your business for the better.”

 Cheryl Kees Clendenon

Subject Topics in this Section:

Beautiful Branditude

Learn to write cogent copy that says what you need it to, position your portfolio and the storyline of your projects and reviews, and translate the best parts of who you are and what you are about to social media so that there’s no question what a prospect should expect from your firm! This is about understanding and reinforcing the BEST of you!

Marketing with Intention

Showing up for the win.

Words & visuals matter – as well as where and how you present them! Understand how to analyze your current reach and presentation of services, alongside ways to pivot, clarify and refine what message you are trying to get out when! Marketing for interior designers is a sure fire way to get noticed. 

Get Serious Sales Savvy 

Cheryl has been in sales for almost 30 years. This is her stock and trade and understands the dynamic nature of the process. Consider the “tough stuff” and practice how to answer left field questions and explain how your involvement in different types of project scopes translate to different fee structures, big or small. It is ultimately up to you and how you sell yourself that translates to closing new prospects

Amplifying Attention

There’s an art to cultivating a strong presence in your industry and it doesn’t happen lickity-split. There are lots of opportunities to be seen and really 99% of the work in being recognized often is just about showing up and sharing your work. Here we’ll talk about the not-so-obvious steps to take to get published, open doors for fun opportunities with brand partnerships, and how to be the bold, exciting voice in the room.

Content Marketing 

In this class we will cover how to make your own magazine, (step by step and more importantly WHY this is an awesome thing to do), writing strategies you can use to help elevate your brand, and how to monetize your magazine. We want your marketing to stand out amongst the crowd

Writing to Sell 

What are you selling—really? What new things can you sell? How you refine your voice and what you have to say, will allow you to find the idiosyncrasies and funny quips that help relate to others the wonderous world of interiors and just how good you are at navigating every pitfall. Here, you’ll focus on how to do this. 

Photography, styling and how to maximize your efforts

Let’s be real – your potential clients want to see your work. They probably googled you and perused over your portfolio. Are you missing out on potential clients because you don’t have professional photos of your work? GOOD photography is so important to your business and marketing what you have done.

Managing Expectations

In this industry, we can’t leave a lot for interpretation and part of the reason for that is because the trust a client has in your ability to guide them is so crucial to a fruitful working relationship.You need to have the docs and specs and emails and communications to backup that rockin’ portfolio! Here we’ll discuss how to set the tone for client expectations from the initial intake call right on through to the final install date.

The Client Experience

We’ll cover everything here from crafting a killer client introduction that speaks to your brand to how to best communicate with clients via email. Great words to add to your regular vocab (and those to stay FAR away from!), and how to develop the confident voice that you need to carry a project to the finish line with grace and continued composure

Finding your Ideal Client

While it takes a bit of reverse engineering, delving into this analysis helps you understand who you are up against and what sort of trends come along with these archetypes. Even the seemingly defiant clients are just looking to be heard – and here we’ll set the tone for how to cultivate this dialogue in your business so yo

Wrapping up, Installations and Getting that Review

Just like you want to start on the right foot, we feel the wrap up of a project should support the client in the same way you wanted to the minute they signed their contract with you. Pushing through the final 10% of a project can be the most difficult – but ensuring that you cross every T and dot every last I on the wrap up deliverables ensures you will get the best opportunity for great pictures and demonstrate to the client that even in the 11th hour their project means MUCH to you.

The Psychology of Clients

Here we’ll navigate the balance of defining your process to cater to anyone who shows up on your doorstep, and the ways manage wins and compromises for all parties involved. And ensure you’re respected by ALL involved in the decision making!

Why is The Design Paradigm different?

For anyone who knows Cheryl well, it’s no secret that her world view of business has evolved from a long study of behavioral psychology and a deep passion and understanding of how the decision making process is influenced by consumer behavior. In her own business she works tirelessly engaging her team on how to harness this understanding in the business of design–a high touch and emotional business– cultivating good habits for critical thinking and technical brilliance when it comes to solving problems and winning over clients.

This outlook influences the way she teaches anything and everything about business and marketing.

Along with this unique vantage point, there’s no avoiding the wealth of experience her career affords having running a successful firm for 22+ years (20 of which has been with a team!) These insights will shape everything you learn from The Design Paradigm. She and the In Detail team are working actively in the trenches along side you, dealing with the same daily learning opportunities, shifts in market activity, and struggles with all facets if the business in an effort to do their best work and leave a trail of happy clients in their path. There is NO OTHER opportunity like this and is why it has taken a year to put together. Join us to learn more about marketing for interior designers! 

Our greatest strength is the unique approach we take to building a business-one layer at a time.