This is for the creative wanting to really make a commitment to accelerating their business skills, sales, marketing and bottom line revenue.

What does this program consist of?

  • We will plan an agenda to focus on the areas where you want to see growth. Financials, sales, hiring, marketing, and how to run a profitable business.
  • Additional access for quick help when feasible- those questions that you wish you had someone to run by and give you feedback. ( via email or even text as time permits)
  • On boarding documentation- how we set it all up and the format we use
  • Sub contractor agreement and code of conduct

This program would also  be a good route for anyone considering opening a retail store- we can deep dive each week into what you need to learn, do, plan for and execute! So many things to cover- Branding, Sales, Hiring, Product Selection! 

small business consulting
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Total Connect Strategy Building


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