This guide to writing a scope of work and fee proposal will change your business in so many ways. Dare to be different and run your business like a damn good designer!

(please note that if you are getting the Minimum Expenditure/Flat Fee guide you do not need to get this too--it is included)

The pages from a sample proposal are included but all the details of why and how to write it are in here too!

Want language for change orders? It is in there.

Want language for pricing? It is in there.

Want language for contractor communication? It is in there.

Want language for all you need in a proposal? It is in there!

  • Why do we do this type of proposal anyway

  • What is a vision brief and how do you write one? 

  • What is a scope of work anyway and what sort of words help protect you while still selling your client on your skills and talent–but also tell them what they are getting. 

  • How to write, how to explain deliverables vs objectives. We do flat fees but you do not have to do flat fees to use this proposal–the language in it is good for all types of services and we use it for hourly too when this comes up. 

  • The exact pages we use and talk about with change orders, advancing the project ( this save your tush!), how we price, how we purchase and all the elements you need to write a good flat fee proposal OR just to sell your clients a lot easier than a 4 page contract no one wants to read. 

 Discovery Call: 25 pages of the best information from someone who is doing it every day! 

  • How to  begin the conversation

  • What 7 things do we want to find out? And why? 

  • What 6 things do we want to impart? And why? 

  • Why are they important? 

  • Specific language to use right now! 

  • What to do if you think it is not a good fit at end of call 

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Visual Proposal and Language and bonus discovery call


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