Some of the secrets of estimating and working on large remodels and new construction for interior designers

New construction can be a bear to price!

New construction and larger remodel projects can be some of the most difficult to price and develop a complete scope of work. Add to this working with contractors and what they are doing vs what you are doing–and how to create a winning dynamic for the client and each other.

This week on Wednesday join us for a BOB KBRN group call discussing all of this and more!

What is this conversation all about? 

  • Talking about how to purchase product should you want to do this–how to position it as a win win with the contractor.
  • Talking about our process to get each area under control and in the right order
  • Talking about the list of deliverables in each area and why it costs what it does
  • Talking about developing your own relationships with contractors and creating a team.
  • How to price and make it work with various types of projects.
  • How we will do a phased approach when the client is uncertain about overall budget–we do not do it for every job but we do it  for some and this can be a good way to get the confidence of the client, make a nice fee, and then sell them on going forward.

What are you going to get?

  • A zoom call on Wednesday November 17th at 3pm central time. It will be recorded too! This alone is worth the price of admission. Usually 90 minutes but sometimes goes longer with questions. 
  • A PDF of the key points we discuss in our group call–covering all the details
  • Pricing guideline based on our historical averages broken down by phases of the job
  • Deliverables listed by phase for you to adapt to your own needs
  • BONUS: Our Canva template we use for our contractor introduction to our firm


New Construction process for interior designers


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