Selling your skills as interior designer and making higher fees: The secret is defining your product and what goes into it–a win win for you and the client

A topic near and dear to my heart. We will talk about how to do this and give you examples from my own firm which I am guessing is not much different than your own- This will focus on comprehensive design not designer for a day or those types of products—this is the whole enchilada. Whether it is new construction, remodels or just decor–it will help you sell the full service design so much easier when you talk about exactly what is my “product” and what will I deliver? 


This is an opportunity to jump into BOB Business for one zoom meeting (Oct 11- 4p central)  and receive the deliverables after the meeting. It will contain a lot of information–AND will also contain a fab marketing piece with a lot of good information to send to clients–on The Elements of Design.

This is part of our Essential Designer Diaries series and we are making this available to non members on a cycle by cycle basis. I do not think you will be disappointed! See the cover of the client PDF below-You can customize it for your own needs.

This is the cover of the “leave behind” for clients—For the zoom call we have open engagement of the topic and answer questions and go through all of the parts of this topic. I guarantee you are going to walk away with some amazing insights and a lot of work done for you! So this cycle is a pdf of the actual zoom call which usually is 90 minutes but often a bit longer and a leave behind for your clients–explaining the elements of design–customizable if you wish or use as is–and then the pdf learning guide! This will end up being part of our Essential Designer Diaries ( the subtext is–Inside the Mad Brain of Cheryl but is in invisble print!😂)


Join us on October 11th at 4pm central time. Link will be in your follow up email after purchase.

Or if you are interested in joining BOB Business or BOB Kitchen, Bath, Remodeling and New Construction click here for more information. Pricing will be going up as it is a boat load of work I am here to tell you! But I love it and have the full support of my team to devote attention to this endeavor. We are still kicking ass and working hard but I get to work 1 full day just on BOB! ( ok ok plus a few weekends too!)

BOB-Monthly group coaching and more

Selling your skills as an Interior Designer- Defining deliverables and your magic mojo


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