The perfect gift and even better if for yourself! Faux pearl handled butter knives. Original box. Sourced on one of our trips to London.

Stainless Steel-

In 1913, Harry Brearley of Sheffield, UK discovered ‘rustless’ steel. Although there had been many prior attempts, Brearley has been credited with inventing the first true stainless steel, which had a 12.8% chromium content.

Brearley immediately set out to market his new invention. He called his new metal “rustless steel”. Sheffield, known as a city of cutlery manufacturers, and the new material , a forerunner of today’s 420, seemed to be a perfect replacement for silver or nickel plated steel. But manufacturers were hesitant, so Brearley had one make him some knives. One manufacturer, Ernest Stuart, upon testing the material in vinegar suggested a more marketable name of “stainless steel”.

Vintage Sheffield English faux pearl handled knives- set of 6


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