A comprehensive and powerful business model for creative entrepreneurs

Sections 3 & 4
Marketing, Sales & Client Management

3 Endurance, wit and pantyhose.

Defining your product, selling it to Hollywood and retiring rich on a yacht in Greece with Juan and Stefan.

4 Taming Tammy Faye. And Karen. And Karl.

Managing the client experience from discovery to presentation to install with nothing but your wizardly wand and a glass of wine a night

 Sales and marketing for percipient designers who want to do it right.

Subjects include an in depth discussion on each of the f following subjects. Via live workshops, video, self paced learning, deliverables we are giving you and our signature app!

  • Big beautiful branditude

  • Marketing with intention

  • Get serious sales savvy

  • Amplifying attention

  • Content marketing 

  • Writing to Sell 

  • Photography, styling and how to maximize your efforts

  • Finding your ideal client 

  • The client experience

  • Managing client expectations

  • Wrapping up installations, getting that review

  • The Psychology of clients