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Sections 7 & 8
Construction and Project Management

7 Navigating turbulent seas with bodacious boat building, buoys of brilliance, blueberry buckles and a bit of bravado.

Construction administration and the building process demystified.

(And the best ways to manage more monkeys in your circus tent. )

8 Wrestling water buffalo while flying a plane.

Upside Down.

Free falling with grace and dexterity while handling 697 tasks all in the normal course of a day.

Managing projects in the twilight zone. 

Subjects include an in depth dive into all of the following subjects. Live workshops, video, self paced learning, deliverables that will set you up for anything--and our signature app!

  • Construction Administration

  • The building process

  • Managing subs and contractors 

  • Drawing to communicate

  • The fiduciary relationship in construction

  • Estimating and bidding

  • Successful project planning

  • Time management- yes really

  • Creating mandatory milestones and getting paid for it 

  • Additional deliverables for construction and project management to make your life easier!