A comprehensive and powerful business model for creative entrepreneurs

Sections 5 & 6
Processes and Product Sales

A post-traumatic stress survivor’s guide to products, processes and systems management.

Subjects include:

  • Discovery and lead management 

  • The initial consultation 

  • Onboarding and internal integration

  • Schematic design

  • Design development

  • Winning the presentation

  • Setting up systems

  • Pricing and procurement

  • Logistics and how to make it work for your 

  • Making money on soft goods sales

  • Furnishings and all the things you thought you knew

  • Market Daze= Navigating market and insider info 

  • Additional deliverables for processes and product sales 

5 Perfecting the process for termites, tornados and twisted ankles.

Managing the alligators closest to the boat. .

If it was not planned, it did not happen.

6 Fortune telling and cracking the dragon.

Selling winsome wares, mastering the margins and how to eat at market for free.