DGD Trade Partnership Terms + Conditions

Damn Good Designer is a trade program offered only to practicing interior designers or architects who meet the criteria below.

All vendors have individual terms and conditions and these apply to any purchases per vendor for our design trade partners. 

Eligibility Requirements:

• Business License
• Resale License from your state
• Minimum one year in the design business
• A local receiver
• Industry Association

Placing An Order:

  • You may request an estimate from us on the portal using the estimate request form and instructions provided. Include the vendor, item name, SKU, fabric/finish, quantity and any other necessary information in your request. Once you approve the estimate, we will turn it into an invoice for you to pay via check or bank transfer. When payment is received, we will place your order with the vendor and keep you updated on your items’ status.
  • If there is an unexpected backorder beyond what we originally quoted, you may cancel the order if the vendor allows. If any fees are incurred, you are responsible for the fees.
  • If the vendor requires a deposit upfront and will only refund us via credit on file, we will refund a portion of the order and leave the rest as a credit for you from the vendor. Made Goods specifically does returns this way.


Once you decide to order, we will send you an invoice including estimated freight. Any shortfall in this amount will be billed to you, but this rarely happens. You can pay with a credit card via a secure Square link, through a bank transfer, Zelle, or send a check to our business mailing address. Your order will not be submitted until we receive payment in full. 

Choosing the Square link option will incur a 2.75% convenience fee. To find us on Zelle, search billing@indetailinteriors.com.


In Detail Interiors
1514 North 9th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32503
850 437 0636

Standard Bank Transfer:

Account#: 898013047314
Routing#: 026009593
Name on Account: In Detail Design and Create, Inc.
Bank: Bank of America 

Order Tracking:

  • Our team calls on purchase orders every week to check status. Barring any unforeseen obstacles, we aim to update you on any delays to your order by the end of the same week.
  • We typically call the freight carrier to verify tracking information so we can approximate a delivery timeframe more succinctly for you. We can only provide the information we are provided and sometimes there will be delays in transit, so consider cushioning this estimate to your clients.
  • Please note that many holidays impact manufacturers’ schedules in terms of being open and having customer service on hand. This means often they will not get back to us as quickly as normal, but we are very thorough in our efforts to follow back up with them. 
  • If there are other timely updates or changes that we are made aware of by the manufacturer, we will aim to communicate these to you as promptly as we are able. 
  • Fabric or leather shortages or defects may occasionally result in delays of production. Orders for non-upholstered products are subject to vendor inventory, availability and production schedules. Consider that these details are outside of our control and we suffer from them also. If there are issues like this, we will communicate them to you so a resolution can be determined promptly. 
  • Once shipped, delivery times are subject to the carrier’s routes and schedules your order has been consigned to. We will not, however, make price adjustments due to a delay in delivery.

Check In Policy:

  • All items must be checked in within 24 to 36 hours of delivery to the receiver. Do not wait until you install to unpack the item. The vendor may deny the claim. 

  • Take photos of the packaging the piece arrived in, including the box still sealed and the labels on it.

  • Unpack and take pictures of all hardware and pieces/parts.

  • Do not write on or label the box and packaging in any way until it is verified that your item is in good
    condition as this can interfere with the claim process.

  • Products signed for as received complete and in good condition are not subject to freight or damage claims and are the responsibility of the receiving party.

  • If we do not hear back within 5 business days of the delivery that the item has been received and thoroughly checked in, we cannot ensure any claim will be accepted by the vendor and we will assume the item has been received in good condition.

Returns and Claims:

Merchandise is not returnable and once you submit approval and payment for an order often it cannot be canceled or removed from the production pipeline with a manufacturer. Exceptions to this policy would include items received in error because of vendor mistakes.

  • Items damaged during shipping that cannot be repaired will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the claims department of the manufacturer. Each has their own policy and it is within their right to make it right for you and your customer by replacing product received damaged or defective.
  • Items received in error due to incorrect specifications on the part of the designer at time of order cannot be returned. Items found to be unacceptable on the part of your client where no damage or errors exist cannot be returned.
  • You are responsible to ensure that products purchased can be accommodated in terms of size to your receiver and delivery access to your client’s property. Product unable to be delivered because of physical dimensions exceeding the space designated for delivery cannot be returned. This would include restrictions in ceiling height, door width, staircase limitations, etc. that would prevent access to the designated delivery area.
  • If you need to make a claim on a damaged or defective item, please include the invoice number, item name and SKU. Clearly detail what the issue is and send pictures that depict the damage you are describing, as well as pictures of the packaging. We may ask that you provide additional information depending on the case. Every vendor has a different policy and allotted time to make a claim, so it is VERY important to check in your items as soon as possible after delivery.

Conditions of Use:

When you use the DGD Trello portal, you are automatically agreeing that both your access to the site and your use of it are:

• Subject to the terms and conditions in this legal notice, which may change at any time without notice.

• Subject to all applicable laws.

• Undertaken at your own risk.

• Complete confidentiality. We ask for a mutual nondisclosure agreement signed by anyone who wants access to our Trello portal of vendors.