My momma said I always asked too many questions when I was a kiddo. My husband tells me my favorite word in the English language is why? Or, really he says, is a two word phrase….BUT why? I love to challenge the status quo and quite frankly it is time.


*****Why is it that so many  residential designers and architects insist on putting a tub larger than a Lincoln Continental in every bathroom IN FRONT OF A LARGE WINDOW?
Do we really want to view nosy neighbor Betty Jean puttering around in her garden while bathing? How many times do I have to struggle with how to dress this window? IT IS TIME for folks to get a bit more creative and challenge the status quo!
Put the window near the vanities so you can have natural light! People need to see what they are doing…not have a ringside seat to the neighbors yard. Forget all of this if you happen to live on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Ok so this is seemingly a nice bath. If you like bath vanities jammed up against the tile that is…not on my jobs but that is a different post altogether. This window is even tougher as is a curved detail. Wish you folks had saved the money and put it into nice cabinetry. Do you think anyone even bathes here?


*****Steps are a hazard to getting into a soaking tub. Unless you have a palatial bath with stairs that run the length of the room, the tub sits on a dais and you are the Queen….do not add a step to your bath. Picture yourself fully upright ( and NEKKID) and walking into the bath. How will you step INTO the tub once you are standing on stair two? HMMMMM. What is up with this design? And why does the NKBA foofy do certified folks keep voting winning baths with steps? I do not get this at all. Major safety hazard. And for me, a nighty night tripping hazard as I blindly find my way into the bathroom for middle of the night use!

No need for this bathtub to have this step. It needs a wider ledge to sit your bottom and swing your legs around. Is simple.

******Why must we put the shower valves on same side of wall as toilet??? It emanates from the old school “wet wall” concept but these days it is not necessary to do this. The shower head can go on same wall if you like but the valves  that turn it on are much more accessible on the opposite end. No leaning over the toilet to turn on the water. This is simple fix on the plans. Not simple later. Caveat here: try and not put the valve on an exterior wall especially in climates that freeze. We are in the south so does not happen often. You also want access to that valve in case of a problem and you can often access it through the wall on other side and not disturb tile.

Is a tight configuration. Usually unnecessary. Just ask WHY?


How do you want to challenge the status quo? Have a question about bath design? Bring it on!