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Pensacola Candle Studio
Join us for a unique candle pouring opportunity in our historic 1910 carriage house!

 Bring your friends!  It’s more fun with a group!  You will be able to choose your vessel, lid, and scent before you are led through the pouring process to design your own customized  candle.

All of our candles are made with ethically sourced premium ingredients. Our wax is a luxurious vegan blend made of natural apricot and coconut. 

All of our wicks are clean burning eco-friendly wooden wicks that produce a relaxing soft crackle when lit. We offer luxury fragrance blends  expertly paired to create a multi-dimensional scent.

Each candle pouring event is up to 45 minutes long depending on the amount of guests and how much time it takes to select your vessel and scent!  Optionally, you can add time if you are part of a larger group. And don’t forget you can take a stroll through our gorgeous retail showroom too! 

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