Client welcome “packets”- are they welcoming?

Ok so- lot of talk lately about client welcomes or introductions for interior designers ( formerly known as packets or packages:) Sorry could not resist but use those words IF they work for you but an introduction is what we use and it is a PHENOMENAL tool  for us.
Some of the “welcome packets”  read to me more like a new inmate introduction to life in prison.

ok mostly kidding.

Sort of.

A client introduction is NOT a rules to follow guide for the way you run YOUR business.

wel·come-used to greet someone in a glad or friendly way.

Sure you can gloss over basic process but the idea is to send this out after you have an initial lead- to reaffirm their decision to call your firm- to help start the sales process of closing the sale of whatever the scope ends up being- these are the little things thatadd up to a solid relationship- and ensure the contract stage is easy peasy- and that all the logistics are outlined in a professional manner along with fees and the quid pro quo of the agreement-

ie- I will do this and you will pay me that.

The processes and “rules” – I like to call logistics is really needed once you have gotten the prospect to believe in your brand-it is part of our contract paperwork NOT a client welcome or as we call it client introduction.

Welcome introductions are not the time or place to “lay down the law” or get into the nitty gritty of working with you- that all comes but in due time- this is part of a sales process that I feel very strongly many designers are not hitting on as well as they could. I see this asked about all the time everywhere in groups and private messages.

A sales process has to be focused on helping the client buy- you.

God knows not the time to  inform them of all the rules you have- but of helping someone buy your special brand of uniqueness. To truly make it about their experience- I think many are not understanding how to do this in actions and not just cutie words on a website.

And why do we not have clients shop us? Why do we rarely have issues with money? Why do we not have boundary issues- ever – with clients? ( now subs that is a different story!)

Relationship driven success

A big reason contributing to a lack of issues like this is because we are relationship driven and client centric focused at all times.
And our “welcome” is the first step in reinforcing the client made the right choice to hire In Detail. The first in many planned opportunities to cement the relationship before we even get to the contract stage.

Building a relationship is a multi step process

We do a lot of ground work- starting with our website and verbiage and then- the client introduction- sent after an initial contact.Then a phone meeting with Liz- and she does a brief outline of how we work- asks questions- listens to the scope- and then sets an initial paid consult for more discovery- not design. Now she may be in the shop or me- and we send the introduction out after the phone call if we happen to take it when it comes in- it just depends on timing.

Why do you use a client introduction?

To reinforce your brand and provide the client with a mini view of who you are and what your business represents. This is a targeted approach to reduce the information on the website to a smaller and quicker read.  When you send this after you get a lead, you are almost guaranteeing they will read it. 

When do you use a client introduction?

Anytime you want to reinforce your brand! But specifically we use it after an initial call- it can be after we speak to them and before they book an appointment or it can be sent after they book if they do so on initial contact you can set it up to go out once someone books online as well. We do not use this as a “tell all” document that might scare the client! It is a sales tool.

What is in a good client introduction?

A profile of your team. How you work with subs. A brief outline of your process. Vendors you work with to highlight the quality lines. A lot of full sized photos of your work. Quotes from clients. Quotes from subs. You services. Your brand promise.

What if the client is not a good fit for our firm?

Yes sometimes the client is not a good fit and we give them some blog posts to read and ideas on where to go for more help. We do like to give value as a thank you for calling us in the first place. Karma goes around and so does your brand identity. Make every interaction count.

I encourage you to think about a welcome or introduction as a sales tool and include the logistics and “rules”  with your contract.

If anyone does send the AkA inmate rules and regs  type of “welcome” – I fear you set the wrong tone but if you do –don’t call it a welcome letter or packet or whatever- because some of the ones I have seen are definitely not welcoming. Or client centric.

Take a look here at our client introduction canva template. We offer a template to our client introduction in our Designer Resources- take a look!


Live Passionately