Vintage glassware and ice bucket mixed with modern candle holders styled on a gold and glass bar cart. Vintage tray and fall pumpkin decorate the cart too.

Here at In Detail, we firmly believe that your home should reflect who you are and what you love – not be a copy of what your favorite influencer posted or what you saw in the latest home décor magazine. By mixing vintage and modern-day pieces throughout your home, you add a sense of depth and history while also creating an eclectic lived in look unique from anyone else’s. Your space will appear to have evolved over the course of many years, be multi-layered, and truly transcend time. Here are a few of our tried-and-true methods for seamlessly marrying vintage and modern pieces to create a stylishly livable home.

Rule #1: Be Sure You Love It

Kitchen counter styled with vintage sasha brastoff rooster and other kitchen accessories.
Cheryl found this Brastoff Rooster for a song at an estate sale since no one could read the signature. Sascha Brastoff is one of her favorite Mid-Century designers and this piece is perfectly at home in her kitchen!

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would take me to the flea market every Saturday to see what hidden treasures we could find. She had a knack for seeing that diamond in the rough, whether it was a set of vintage 1970s Wildflower dinner plates in remarkable condition or a unique piece of art sticking out from underneath a dusty pile of books in the corner. Those Saturdays are some of my most cherished memories of her now that she has passed away.

While not everything we found together had monetary value, the sentimental value they now hold is priceless. In fact, the items I am lucky enough to still have, whether from her personal collection or from our flea market adventures, make my house feel most like home. I love each one and that is what makes them work in my space.

Those 1970s Wildflower dinner plates are on display in my dining room, her own great-grandmother’s monogrammed brass jewelry dish sits on a console table in my living room, the throw blanket she crocheted alongside her mother as a teenager is draped across one of my accent chairs, & an antique marble chess set we somehow stumbled across for a steal is showcased in my office. Each of those small pieces of her bring me joy and give my home a warmth that cannot be replicated with items from a big box store.

Think about what pieces you have that mean the most or even those you have seen that spoke to you. How can you incorporate them into your home’s design in a way that both showcases them and invites conversation? As our owner and lead designer Cheryl says, “Layering these beloved items is the key to your home reflecting your personality… live with what you love…” and I have been lucky enough to be able to do just that.

Rule #2: Whether Vintage or Modern, Put ‘Like’ with ‘Like’

Vintage sasha brastoff pottery piece inspired the color palette and is laid on different textiles.
The above Brastoff piece inspired the color palette for a sitting room we previously designed. The upper left fabric became a gorgeous sofa, and the bottom paprika linen is on two chairs. The lighter blue in the dish is in the pillow fabric.

A simple truth is that many things are not made the same way they were back in the day… especially ornate furniture pieces with intricately carved wood, marqueteries, or decorative accents. If they are, they almost always cost an arm and a leg! It can sometimes be tricky to integrate those pieces with the more streamlined or simple furniture we have today. If you are not careful, you run the risk of having too many different materials or styles in one room and it starts to look like the neighborhood garage sale, or worse… no one wants that.

To avoid this, consider the materials, shape, and colors of each piece when integrating your antiques or thrifted finds with your newer décor items and use these characteristics to create unity. Cheryl suggests that you “… look for something that might repeat a color you would like to showcase throughout your space. Often a particular piece will inspire a color that we use in the main furnishings or even an entire palette and I love when this happens!” Try finding all the vintage pieces in this moody living room we previously designed – there are many, but they don’t feel out of place despite being integrated with modern elements!

We recommend grouping items of the same color or finish together and creating smaller vignettes throughout the space, allowing the individual charm of each piece to be appreciated. Think of yourself as a photographer taking photos for a magazine; are there multiple places to get THE SHOT? If so, you are probably off to a good start. “Sometimes the alliteration of a color, finish, or similar styles of pottery can make a huge visual statement even if the collection is not the same maker…” reminds Cheryl, “Don’t be afraid to mix it up!” For more tips on arranging a myriad of accessories, check out this article by Better Homes and Gardens.

Rule #3: Be a ‘Slow Decorator’ and Trust the Process!

Vintage art styled next to vintage glassware and a vintage lamp on a modern day cabinet.

At the end of the day, this is your home and a place to enjoy living – don’t be overzealous and fill it with too many items you cannot use or touch as then it becomes more like a museum. Take your time and be selective. Not only will this allow you to get it right and create spaces suited to your lifestyle, but it also enables you to add a touch of history without having to completely redecorate the space all at once.

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