Think of us as your building design advocate. 
Sort of like a patient advocate but without
the jello in a plastic cup. 

Hear our clients talk to you in their own words and one of our premier contractors too-and ya'll that is a feat to get a contractor that really appreciates what a damn good designer® brings to the table without the ego getting the better of them.

We appreciate the creative collaboration process and so does he.

We want our clients from Destin, Florida to Fairhope,Alabama and back again to Pensacola to be excited about the experience of building their new home, their renovation project, or reimagining their 1982 Ethan Allen mauve and peach floral sofa with the little Laura Ashley ruffles. (It is time to let it go) 

The most important thing to know is we love our work.

We specialize and excel when working on new construction jobs, remodels, renovations, furnishings projects, kitchen and bath redesign and are masters at space planning, finding innovative materials and creative problem solving.  

We understand the 23,467 moving parts and relish in solving the puzzle even when you can’t find that last piece the dog carted off and chewed beyond recognition.

It's all ok. We are the firm that can create a new piece to solve the puzzle and save the day.
And the dog. 

Whether it is a full home new construction interior design project or simply furnishings of a home you live in now but realize it is not about the “you” of today or is not reflecting a changing lifestyle, or simply not making you feel the love, we are the conduit to your inner most desires of how you want to live and experience your H O M E. 

Even if those desires are locked away in a tight vault of insecurity about your ideas, fears on how to implement them, or if you have convinced yourself that you want what you see on Instagram, we will partner with you to discover what you want your story to be about and at the same time encourage you to just say no to catalog decorating and challenge the tired, the trendy and the trite. 

We are a psychic design team of sorts who can channel your thoughts,wants,and needs into actionable–and stunning– results. Cheryl is a proud Pensacola Interior Designer! 

Trusting the process is vital to the success of a project with low stress, high expectations and a winning outcome. 

Dedicated Experience is the stock and trade of In Detail Interiors and this is how our clients value us most.  

Our portfolio reflects all levels of client budgets, styles, personalities–and degrees of patience with the process.

And we are most proud of our finished work, the reviews from clients and the long term relationships we have built. 

We ask that you have a “willing suspension of disbelief” when working with our firm so we can ascertain your wants and needs and then truly create a vision that serves the function and form you desire.   

On this note, we humbly and respectfully ask you refrain from quoting HGTV, playing dial a friend or engaging in social media design roulette.  We practice a collaborative process with you– but not the local neighborhood watch design patrol! 

If you are building a new home- you want Cheryl to have her eyes and pencil on those plans and our creative team driving the bus.
Believe it.

We provide expert interior design project management services to help you navigate the building process easily and on time while making decisions you will be happy with for years to come. 

 And come install day, you’ll have our qualified staff on site helping to manage the layout, styling, art selections, etc. that make even a new space feel lived in, comfortable, and complete. 

The design offices and beautiful showroom are on the Gulf Coast of Florida in a hidden gem of a city- Pensacola-one of the best kept secrets in the south, but we work across the country and have mastered the remote process with a finesse that has taken years to perfect and believe me we have all the gray hairs to prove it. ( and by “we” that really means Liz!)

Meet Cheryl- Poobah, Rainmaker and Creative Chief
And Liz- VP of Everything and the "get it done" work wife.

Pensacola Interior Designer
Pensacola Interior Designer

Doing what it takes.

Fairhope interior designer
Destin Interior Designer

Did we mention we work anywhere? Vacation home in another city? Call us. A new build in another state? Call us. A chateau in France?

Owner, Creative Chief and saucy critic of the status quo, Cheryl Kees Clendenon, DGD (if you don’t know what this stands for, call us!), has been influencing the design industry with out of the bread box, no way in hell, ok maybe will consider that, wow what a great idea– transformative ideas –for 22 years. 

Full time folks. No time off for good behavior. Never seemed to want it either. 

 Because she loves what she does more than kids love vacations at Disneyland. 

Cheryl’s outspoken irreverence leads to confident and innovative solutions to the most challenging of design parameters with an attitude of fearless exploration of all channels to solve problems and create unique interiors that reflect the client not the design of the day. 

A Business strategy advisor, kick in the butt mentor and passionate cheerleader to small business creatives, a savvy shop keep, sassy writer and of course the interior design day job keeps Cheryl (and the crack team babysitting her) busy but still finds time to be mom to a menagerie of 3 in the animal kingdom, wife to Randy.

Liz Lapan- VP of Everything

Clients ranging from San Diego to the New Jersey shore and all along the Gulf Coast have embraced the woman behind the woman who gets “it” done–whatever “it” may be. 

An accomplished designer in her own right with an amazing sense of color and pattern, Liz can wear the designer hat in the morning, the project manager hat at noon and return to the office being the ultimate manager of all the things. Ya’ll have never met a woman like Liz-o-matic! Clients love her, Subs respect her and the team adores her.

If you are ready to embrace trusting the process, Liz might bake you a blueberry buckle thingy (she is from New Hampshire–we call it a cobbler here in the south but it is tasty –whatever a Yankee might call it!)

The In Detail Interiors team will execute your project with precision, a creative approach, no problems left unsolved – and on top of this a heck of a good time when we meet. Call us now – 850 437 0636.


Pensacola Interior Designer

Top to bottom, front to back. Over and under.
We deliver a comprehensive design experience like no other.
That is our guarantee to you.

"Cheryl is a sassy, wildly creative, mad bulldog genius of a human being and I tear up a bit when I think about all she has done for us. Whoever reads this needs to know the following without a shadow of a doubt: Hiring Cheryl and her team would be the smartest and absolute best decision/investment you could ever make into a home building or home renovation process."

Meet the In Detail team. The apples in our pie.
The yin and the yang to the success of our firm.
The reason Liz and Cheryl face every day with excitement, passion and a renewed faith in the power of teamwork.
Our team is committed to an excellent client experience.

Liz Lapan

Operations Director * Designer * V.P. of Everything *
Gets it done

Jenn Pizappi

Designer * CAD Lead

Libby Carver

Designer * V.P. Trade Program * Candle Studio Director*
Idea maker

Stephanie Allen

Design Associate
The Creative

Gabrielle Thomas

Retail Design Director, Events Coordinator

Miranda Henderson

Retail Design Associate, Trade

Mackenzie Kees

Business Manager
Deep thinker

Myles Harvey

Warehouse Wizard
the kind one

Cheryl discusses her collaboration with Kohler, Benjamin Moore and Silestone

Serenity, functionality and family gathering were at the heart of a kitchen design by Silestone Trend Spotter Cheryl Kees Clendenon, which showcases the durability and aesthetic value of Silestone in an amazing kitchen reveal. 


Design Create Manage Execute

We Deliver.