Have an interior designer assess and review your floor plans-before you build

Floor plan review

Space planning is an essential element of how your new home build or remodel will function - but often you do not see issues until it is too late. We can help you analyze your floor plan and review it for potential pitfalls as well as your specific needs.

Out of Town? Get Cheryl’s Expert Floor Plan Review Service 

Are you located out of town? No worries! Our services are perfect for remote clients looking to ensure the best outcome for their project. Cheryl, our expert interior design coach, will lend her experienced eyes to your plans before they become a reality. We provide an in-depth assessment of your spatial layout, offer valuable insights that might have been overlooked, and conduct a thorough examination of your kitchen and bathroom areas. Our floor plan review services are flexible, tailored to your specific needs.

Start with the Foundations: Floor Plans Matter

While finishes and furniture are exciting aspects of interior design, the foundation of a well-designed space lies in the intricacies of floor plans and elevations.

In Detail Floor Plan Review Service

At In Detail, we specialize in comprehensive floor plan reviews to ensure your space is optimized to its fullest potential. If you have doubts about whether your space is being used efficiently, our team is here to help. We’ll meticulously review the architectural drawings provided by your architect or builder, conducting a thorough analysis for any potential issues. Our services include refining your home plans to address functional concerns and proposing creative solutions. We also incorporate details that enhance both value and style, all while staying within your budget. Our mission is to craft a space that perfectly suits you and your family’s needs, and it all begins with our meticulous floor plan review.

Creating Your Ideal Space 

Let us guide you through the essential process of optimizing your space. Contact us today to discuss a detailed floor plan review that ensures your project’s success.

**This service does not include any cad drawings unless otherwise contracted to do so. It is for an evaluation from a skilled Interior Designer to analyze flow and function based on your stated needs. Pricing begins at $2400 dependent on size of the structure. We are not licensed Architects but have 23 years of designing homes, often from the ground up with our Architectural collaboration. Should the client wish for more involved services, we offer full service design anywhere in the country and also have a remote program called The In Detail Edit.  



Contact us to learn more about what a floor plan review entails, or to schedule a consultation. 

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