Short and sweet. The headline says it all- How to know when to hire a professional

You do not know what you do not know.

Or, You do not know what you have never seen.

Or, you do not know what you may never have dreamed about.

Or, you do not know what experience has not taught you. 

I am sure you are getting my drift here. Sometimes people come to me with plans… Sometimes with an expensive architect’s price tag. Sometimes scratched out on a napkin or college ruled notepaper. Sometimes not at all. But the one thing I have found that is universally true is that people usually know what they like and what they want but are not sure how to get there or how to pull it all together.

This is why I have a job. A career. A passion for design.

Because I can help you, along with my awesome team, get from here to there. Because we know what you do not know. We know from experience and from our dreams of turning ideas into functional spaces and a reality that works for each individual client.

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You hire a designer for a reason.

To get you from here to there. And their experience is invaluable in keeping you from making egregious mistakes. From spending more fixing something than you would have spent doing it right the first time. Research the design team best for you. Then trust. Trust the person you have thoughtfully researched and hired. Trust the process.

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Love this quote too-
“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. “

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Yes indeedy. See it every day.

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