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People are talking

“I just nailed down a 34k fee with a 68k minimum expenditure project and a 129k cabinet package not in the minimum!!!!!! Thankyou for helping me figure out the processes and systems in the design work to solidify this project!! So thankful for you.” – 


“As a design firm looking to hone our skills and identify our blind spots, we started working with Cheryl on a consulting basis. We won the lottery with her generosity, innovative ideas, and expert sales knowledge.
Seriously, she is THE sales guru! I found myself mumbling “genius…” after a few sessions.
The cherry on top is her delivery. She is approachable, direct and fearless. We were able to apply much of our new knowledge towards measurable goals.” HEATHER MAULDIN

“Hi Everyone! If you haven’t bought Cheryl’s Flat Fee and Minimum Expenditure package yet you are missing out! I’m only a couple years into my business and I felt like it was time to make some “big girl” changes and this is going to be a total GAME CHANGER! I am thrilled to implement this year! I was a little nervous to spend the money but I think it’s the best thing  I’ve ever done for my business. Thank you Cheryl! —CHELSEA MCGRAW 



People are talking

“This is *&$* spectacular.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  Worth the money FOR SURE.  Implementing it is freaking me out a little bit, but I’m committed!”

“YOU ARE AMAZING! I looked at the ClickUp template and WHAT?!?! MIND BLOWN!!!

First of all, I seriously cannot thank you enough! Second, I’ve only glanced at everything and just got to the Client Folder PDF Guide and my jaw has officially hit the floor. I cannot even begin to think how many hours you put into creating this template. All the videos, guides, etc….WOW!”

Our favorite part aside from all of it being right there for us, is the design board where we can visually track everything we are working on. These templates of each room are made for you with a custom dashboard to add pricing, item #’s, vendor, your price, client price, etc. Now, this is not an “automatic” thing—you are filling it out. Once you get this done though you can cross reference via any of the views on the platform.


"Got my real Box of Brilliance from the BOB designer group led by Cheryl and Liz of In Detail Interiors Damn Good Designer! Being part of this group has been design info gold PLATINUM!

The wealth of knowledge these ladies share with us in running a busy interior design firm is priceless! If any of my designer friends want info on how to be part of BOB Business, BOB K&B, or BOTH, message me! We learn and discuss ALL the things! Monthly Zoom group coaching Q&A (virtual lunch & happy hours!) with best practice checklist, infographics, video field trips (like kitchen installs & photoshoots), downloads, and more!"

"Spent some time just now reviewing the PDF from this past BOB meeting, and my reaction was yes, this is the info I've been wishing I knew where to find. I'm not a leave a review all the time person, but I can't help but take a minute and let you guys know how incredibly helpful BOB has been the last 3 months. If you need help with processes, which we did, this is incredible. Thank you so much Cheryl!!!"-- Shandy Arend

I purchased Chery’s Drawing Standards for Interior Design Projects to help me up my game professionally and to be able to clearly communicate with my trade professionals. I am so glad I did. This content starts back at the basics, including setting up a page with title blocks, symbol review, etc - all the way to elevations, perspectives, specifications, drawing disclaimers and more. Like Cheryl herself, it’s no-nonsense, get-down-to-business, usable content. I know I am saving myself from many future costly mistakes because I bought this material." ROBIN DALY

"I just had the most wonderful experience during my one hour Consultation meeting with Cheryl . I am drinking her"kool aid" as she would say. The resources she has available are wonderful tools that help answer so many of the questions that solo designers like myself have on a daily basis. Glad to have found you Cheryl!"

You do not need this if you are purchasing or have the Min Spend Flat Fee Guide. It is included! 

One of the best marketing options you will find–and so many ways to customize it and use the parts and pieces for other content marketing! 

"In case you have any doubt... mentoring with Cheryl is amazing. She is a generous soul that truly cares about the direction and vision for your business. Since working with Cheryl and dealing with the curveballs of COVID, my life/business has been flipped upside down. I haven’t been able to show Cheryl my gratitude in the way I’d like... Cheryl has never judged and has always given me her best advise and has pushed me to be the best version of myself. I can’t thank her enough for being the light to guide my path.
Thank you, Cheryl"

After having had a number coaching sessions with you Cheryl, I can’t say enough about how you have directly increased my confidence! Knowing that I have a pro like you in my corner who I can run things by and wants to see me succeed is totally invaluable to me!"

The best business resources for designers and decorators including:  processes, contracts, guides to how we execute minimum expenditure agreements, retail A to Z, and most importantly the DGD official Program! 

Forget the ASID- I will give you the tools to take your business to the next level and be a DAMN GOOD DESIGNER.


Each Damn Good Designer™ template and designer resource is Copyrighted by Damn Good Designer® and In Detail Design and Create, Inc  and may not be sold, redistributed or given away except for the ‘standard permitted use’ as follows. 

Permitted standard use means you CAN; change or modify any templates we sell to you in any way for use in creating products for YOURSELF or YOUR clients. You may NOT recreate or redistribute any content provided for the education and training of designers, decorators, stagers. 

Standard license prohibitions means you may NOT; resell, redistribute or share these templates or resources in whole or in part for any reason; claim these designs as your own; or sell any design, digital or printed copy of resources or templates.

When you join the Damn Good Designer™ program “BOB” , you are NOT buying the copyright to the product or any products we distribute for you to repackage or distribute but are buying the right to education, enlightenment or use to train your staff.  You are buying the ‘right’ to use the product to enhance your interior design or interior decorating business.  

Damn Good Designer®  still owns the copyright to the verbiage and design of any materials distributed on the website and DGD network. Because you are not purchasing the copyright to the items you download, you may NOT use them in any way that is not expressly permitted. For example, you may not copy, loan, give away, or sell the product to someone else, because the copyright remains the property of Damn Good Designer™ and In Detail Design and Create, Inc. 

Cheryl Kees Clendenon and the assigns of In Detail Design and Create, Inc remain the sole, exclusive owner and holder of the copyright for the artwork, design, and  content and you may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, share or give the image to a third-party to use in any way. This includes other professional coaches or consultants purchasing the material and repurposing the content in any fashion for redistribution to their clientele even if cited as original content and concepts developed by Damn Good Designer®. 



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