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 Our goal is to provide substantial consultation and information about interior design.

Grow your business with a 20 year veteran of interior design, retail and a successful firm!

I partner with designers who want to understand their business, attract their ideal client and want a creative, no nonsense coach who will care enough about your success to be honest and direct.
We do not play around.
No "woo woo" -just actionable steps to take to become the owner of your firm and not the lowest paid employee.

"I went from an ok business with a sh*tty partner to totally owning the business I started, making more money, managing my costs, tracking my profits and margins to make the most out of every dollar. I now have a team of 5, a full calendar and opening a second shop. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU!! Read that again..."

Christie Van Blake
2018 Top 50 Innovators

An interior design business coach who has successfully managed a design firm and retail showroom for 21 years non stop. No part time work- this is full time, full steam ahead! Previous to design, Cheryl was the local sales manager for a Fortune 500 company that owned the radio stations where she was in management.

Who better to share savvy strategies than a working interior designer for the past 20 years engaged in the day to day running of a well published design firm as well as a retail business?

The Business of design from a different perspective, style and mind set and through the lens of avowed irreverent  challenger of the status quo, Cheryl Kees Clendenon. 

Get clear and direct talk on growing your interior design business- from an interior design business coach who’s right there with you in the trenches.

I am doing it. Every day. All day.

Our team face the same challenges and issues as you do but our approach is often not the same as the typical business coach might preach. 

Challenge the status quo. 

I know what works- because I am in the field- and am passionate about working with other creatives to build their business. 

I am the interior design business coach for you if you want honest and actionable direction. 

How to work with us

  • The first step after booking your program is an in depth questionnaire to get to know you a little before we meet for the first time. I find this is hugely important to hit the ground running and be able to dig in to the topics at hand.

  • Honesty and clarity about your billing process and financials is often essential to be able to assess what is working and what might need tweaking.

  • We can review your website messaging and make sure it is on brand for the clients you want to work with most–and that it represents your brand promise.

  • We will work on actionable items for your specific business needs as outlined by your needs in the questionnaire.

Philosophies and all the woo woo is great to read about and listen to from others- but when you want to move the needle, call me. 


People Talk

I got this surprise Christmas gift from my favorite person ever!!! #damngooddesigner Cheryl’s guidance and no BS advice has been the saving grace of my business!! I went from an ok business w a sh*tty partner to totally owning the business I started, making more money, managing my costs, tracking my profits and margins to make the most out of every dollar. I now have a team of 5, a full calendar and opening a second shop. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU!! Read that again... Thank you for the kickass cap and THANK YOU for my kickass business.
"I’ve been an interior designer for a few years now but I knew I needed to hire a well-established and experienced designer to mentor me and help me develop better systems for operating my business and engaging with clients. From what I had seen of Cheryl at High Point Market last spring and what I had read from her Facebook group,

I knew she was the perfect coach for me. She is full of ideas, quick to the point, very honest, and really cares about helping people. Initially I thought I only needed her to help me with my business processes, which she did, but what I didn’t know was how she would help me get over my own personal insecurities and limiting beliefs.

I doubted my own value and pricing, and had no strong sense of my talent. Cheryl gave me a fresh perspective and even sent me a journal reminding me that “I Totally Got This.” Although our recent conversations have moved slightly away from interior design to another form of my business, she has been eager to explore this other avenue and give feedback and insight from her perspective. It’s been wonderful to have her share in my experience as a designer and push me to become a better business person and creative. "
Sherree Murray
Remarkable Spaces
Consulting Client
I first met Cheryl at High Point Market where she was part of a panel discussion on profit. I learned so much during the discussion, but even more after it was over when she took the time to share more of her knowledge with a group of designers ready to learn.

At one point she told us "your value is not your time", and after that discussion I immediately went home and switched to flat fees. With no pushback from clients! I appreciate her direct, honest approach, and after working with her on a one on one coaching session, I have a lot of actionable steps to help move my business forward.
Shandy Arend
Collected Living Design
Consulting Client
In case you have any doubt... mentoring with Cheryl is amazing. She is a generous soul that truly cares about the direction and vision for your business. Since working with Cheryl and dealing with the curveballs of COVID, my life/business has been flipped upside down. I haven’t been able to show Cheryl my gratitude in the way I’d like... Cheryl has never judged and has always given me her best advice and has pushed me to be the best version of myself. I can’t thank her enough for being the light to guide my path. Thank you, Cheryl
Jessica Friederich
Third Chapter Design
Consulting Client
After having had a number coaching sessions with you Cheryl, I can’t say enough about how you have directly increased my confidence! Knowing that I have a pro like you in my corner who I can run things by and wants to see me succeed is totally invaluable to me.
Ellyn Murphy
Ellyn Murphy Design
Consulting Client
Cheryl is one of the smartest people I know. From the job site to the retail shop to the conference table. Cheryl has been there, done that and successfully navigated the waters of our ever changing industry.
She is out there doing the work and practicing what she preaches, every day. I strive to be as organized as she is and run my projects with her level of creativity and precision. ( and to charge for it as she does!) Cheryl is like your smart and cool big sister who can be a little hard on you at times because she wants you to be the best version of yourself. From the biggest of big picture planning to the smallest nuts and bolts details , Cheryl's advice and commentary on Small Business Think Big is inspiring, invaluable, challenging---and 100% spot on.
Christopher Kennedy
Christopher Kennedy Inc
Designer Resources Products
Hello! I just want to recommend Cheryl Kees Clendenon if anyone is thinking about a business coach. My goodness does she have brilliant ideas that don’t even cross my mind!! Thank you sooo much Cheryl for guiding me!! I finally feel confident !
Megan Pisano
Megan Pisano Design
Consulting Client
As a design firm looking to hone our skills and identify our blind spots, we started working with Cheryl on a consulting basis. We won the lottery with her generosity, innovative ideas, and expert sales knowledge. Seriously, she is THE sales guru!

I found myself mumbling "genius..." after a few sessions.
The cherry on top is her delivery. She is approachable, direct and fearless. We were able to apply much of our new knowledge towards measurable goals.
Heather Mauldin
Heather Mauldin Interiors
We are currently transitioning from kitchen and bath design only, to adding furnishings to our services, but had so many questions about the best way to get things rolling.

After meeting Cheryl, I knew she would be able to help answer them. As an experienced owner of a successful design business, Cheryl is knowledgeable in all aspects of running a design business. From sales, to hiring to finance, operations, pretty much every aspect of the business of design, she’s got the answers.

The information Cheryl provided could not have been more helpful and timely. We were able to come home with a plan for how to move forward with our physical space, potential vendor arrangements and most importantly a clear vision of how to make our new venture profitable.

Cheryl listened to our queries and asked great clarifying questions. Her down to earth “tell it like it is” style really allowed us to cut to the chase and get to the information we needed. Cheryl was open and generous with her time and made us feel comfortable and relaxed in her beautiful space. Thank you Cheryl!
Susan Klimala
The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn
Consulting Client
Shout out to Cheryl Clendenon, my mentor and cheerleader. It has been a great experience to have one on one time with her to help me improve, polish and see my interior design business in a new light. She has made me feel more confident on adding new (and may I say scary -for me at least) clauses like minimum expenditure on my design proposals!

Today she was Johnny on the spot and helped me through getting my selling verbiage on the right track but most importantly she cheered me on while I was feeling insecure and doubtful.

Thank you Cheryl for helping me with such a caring heart. It is hard to come by people that are confident enough to feel joy when their fellow colleagues succeed! You have already mentored me with practical and human traits that I will keep close and hopefully one day pass it on. Thank you -a very big one!
Adriana Jacir
2112 Design Studio
Consulting Client
I just had the most wonderful experience during my one hour Consultation meeting with Cheryl Nagle Kees Clendenon. I am drinking her"kool aid" as she would say. The resources she has available for purchase from Locking down the Lead, Cad Drawing Standards, Flat fee and Minimum expenditures etc are wonderful tools that help answer so many of the questions that solo designers like myself have on a daily basis. Glad to have found you Cheryl!
Maritza Capiro
Maritza Capiro Designs
Cheryl- Thanks for all of the follow up information. The session was great!
I got so much out of our time together.
I cant wait to implement some of the ideas we spoke about, and then get back with you to discuss more exciting topics that are all things business and design!
You're welcome to use my statement on your reviews Looking forward to the next round!
Becky Smith
The Linen Duck
Consulting Client
The rarest design bird is the breed that moves between both sides of the brain, business and creative, fluidly.

This is Cheryl's gift- she sees all sides and knows how to activate.
Ckc infuses depth and emotion (read as : soul) into every part of her business. Her knack for defining soul quality is what breathes life into her projects, builds confidence in her clients and sets her apart as a thought-leader in the design industry.
Summed up- She gets it and her work speaks for itself.
Drew McGukin
Drew McGukin Interiors
Silestone Trendspotter Partner
Cheryl offers great, timely, and pragmatic advice. Not one to mince words, she’s a straight shooter who will tell designers what we need to hear, not placate us with the things we want to hear. She offers years of experience, loads of wisdom, and a dynamic personality that is bound to be entertaining while educating
Patricia Lynn Sharp
An Inside Job Interior Design


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