I am up against a wall.

May be fired. Probably will be. But at what point do you say “taste is subjective but good design is not?”

I always try to work with clients who may have design ideas that are different than my own recommendations. Trying to figure out workable solutions. Or really, just listening to what a client is really saying…meaning often they are not “in love” with a particular element…but the “idea” or perception of that that particular element may mean to them.  I always think I can work with anything. Right?


There must be a time when you really, really strongly disagree to the point of walking away? At least, from that room in the house? Is this possible? Hey, I do not agree with the direction you want to go in this room, so will let you handle alone and I will help you with rest? Or, do you just say “oh well it is a job and then make the best of it?” I guess it may be to “what degree” you disagree.

I really am not sure.

All I know is that I think it is very hard to make certain design elements work in certain situations. And there are so many clients who trust and want your honest opinion based on your experience and your proven skills.  Should you waste time and money working with someone who does not? I do find myself losing interest in a project where I am consistently trying to make it “work” when clearly my recommendations are not being considered. I become sort of like the secretary of the project. Just simply taking notes, order taking and doing as told. And listen up! I am NO SECRETARY!  

I am a designer! And I have your BEST INTERESTS in the forefront of my mind at all times Mr and Mrs Client!

It would be easier, and I would go home much earlier if I am simply AGREED with you. Even when I do not WANT to. But I do not. Nope. I would rather be fired.

I hear Whataburger is hiring.

What do you think?

( no offense to secretaries…am using some dramatic license here!)



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