dimensions important in a kitchen

Seems lately even some new designers are not paying attention to the important numbers you need to know! Quick tips you need to know!

I get asked about the following information quite often and I sometimes take it for granted..because I deal with it every day. So had a few minutes before an appointment and thought would send it out in cyber space! I hope it helps and as always comments welcome!

Kitchen tip #1- Kitchen passage way between cabinets or other obstacles

**Kitchen aisles should be 42 in wide. You can fudge this a bit if you must under certain circumstances but shoot for 42inches. If you want more room, 48 inches is good too but beware of getting TOO much space…makes it awkward to move about from one area to another.

Slate tile, white kitchen cabinets, pendants, grey island, upholstered counter stools, mosaic tile backsplash, roman shade, hood vent, wood top, recessed lighting, stainless appliances
This island has 44 inches around both sides due to the larger refrigerator and ovens.

Kitchen tip #2-Kitchen islands

**Make your kitchen prep island 38 inches high if you are average to above average height. This height is much more comfortable for “most” people to prep foods at….if you are chopping etc. Less bending. 36 inches is standard height for a kitchen island. How big? Depends on the top number- how much room do you have in the aisles- but do not do not do not make it 24 inches wide- if not enough room to do at least 30 inches- do not do an island or get a moveable one like the ones here- we sell them too- shameless plug!

island freestanding in multiple colors
Available in multiple finishes too!
We did not design this kitchen- just updated it in a cute little bungalow- painted the cabinets, art, window treatments and a free standing island! Available through us! Rehab by In Detail Interiors.

Kitchen tip #3- Lighting fixture height

**Hang dining light fixtures approximately 36 in off the table to the bottom of fixture. This can be varied depending on the light fixture but this is good rule of thumb. Determine the size of  a light in a room such as a dining room by adding the feet each way in the room together and this gives you a diameter. Over an island consider hanging height based on the size of the pendants and view- but 36 to 40 is usually good rule of thumb but it varies and if your ceilings are taller than 8 to 9 feet then you have to reconsider again. Typically we go up another 3 inches for every foot of ceiling height.

height of pendants over island
These are 10ft ceilings and the pendants are 38 inches off the high bar. Design by In detail interiors.

Kitchen tip #4- Paint coverage

**One gallon of paint typically covers 400 sq ft- check out these good paint tips too!

Kitchen tip #5- Microwave height in a kitchen

**Be careful of microwave height when above a wall oven. You want to look at how high you will be reaching to take hot foods out. I like somewhere between 48inches to 54 inches to the BOTTOM of the micro. Of course, this one is very dependent on height of the users and the microwave and oven specs!

Kitchen tip #6- Pot filler height

**Pot filler height should be determined by several factors: the height of tallest pot you want to go under it, the drop of the spout, and the height of your burner grates. This is very different for many jobs. I would say usually falls between 54 in and 57 in off the floor…but again depends on how the pot filler is designed so PAY ATTENTION and do not let plumber decide for you!

Of course there is so so much more! I am only hitting on a few while I am multitasking with other things but these are important! Hire a designer:)

how high to mount a pot filler
A beautiful pot filler in a soft brass! Note how this goes up then spout goes down again- this is critical- as the plumber wants to know where the water comes out of the wall- but you need to factor where the spout is located! Design by In Detail Interiors
A shot further out to show you relationship to the shelves and how it is NOT centered. Never center it! Design by In Detail Interiors.

Kitchen tip #7- Do not let your counters “hang out” past the refrigerator or other deep cabinets!

**This kills me- make sure deep cabinets are deep enough to have the counters adjacent kill into the side without any odd angle on the counter.

oven cabinet depth
Note here how the oven cabinet is further out the countertop that is adjacent? Key for a good kitchen design! By In Detail Interiors.

What are your questions?

Email me or ask in the comments and I will choose a few to feature!