Nautical pool bath: Gulf Breeze new construction

Design Gallery

This new pool bath is a tribute to a nautical theme.

It is inspired by the free form  blue green glass vessel and the unique ship’s wheel handles of the wall mount faucet.  The wood paneling was designed to replicate the interior of an old sailing ship’s officer’s quarters. The small shower with exposed shower valves is just large enough to take a quick rinse after a dip in the pool. The vanity is constructed of oiled teak. The client’s son found the wonderful porthole on e-bay and we had it re-purposed as a nautical mirror! To mimic a ship’s ladder, we stacked 3 brass hotel towel shelves, one on top of the other, to be useful towel storage tucked away behind the door. The lighting was chosen to accentuate the period nautical theme. This bath was tight on space but needed to have it’s own unique personality and think it was a great success!

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