Colorful farmhouse classic!

Modern farmhouse classic kitchen!

White, light and bright new construction

This farmhouse classic kitchen is a prime example of reality!  Hiring a professional design team can save a new construction project from going very wrong, very quickly. A proper designer truly acts as the client’s advocate from day 1. Therefore, educating them on pitfalls and ensuring that the limitations or decisions that may be demonstrated on plans or expressed by subcontractors may not be the only course of action available to execute their needs.

Young couple acted as their own builder

The architect on this project was wonderful!  The clients were a young couple looking to build their dream home. Therefore, they needed help designing all of the details.  From the plan review down to the detailed cabinetry elevations! Our team analyzed and pulled apart the drawings and specifications necessary. Above all, ensuring that this tasteful, classic kitchen came together just right.

Tight budget but spent where was needed

The budget was tight so pulling apart the numbers and deciphering where the big impact items would be felt most turned out to be extra crucial (custom hood in the kitchen and beautiful range were the big line items here!).  Overall, this project delivered on a lot of levels. The feather in our hat is that it will be timeless for our clients and was so worth the hands on scrutiny to get it perfect in their eyes. Lively, open, airy and ultimately live-able!


Objectives of this new construction kitchen project

* Plan refinement and carry-over space planning between the kitchen, breakfast and main tv area of the home to give function and ultimate comfort when gathering a small group or a large party in the space

*Timeless and ever-so-slightly traditional feel to the overall aesthetic with relaxing colors, clean lines and unique touches in the cabinet hardware and lighting that feel classic

*Limiting unnecessary expenses and focusing the budget on big wish-list items that add value and impact

*Functional execution of separate but adjacent pantry and office area

*Maximization of storage with accent of some display space and plenty of functional work surface area

*Seating in the kitchen

Design challenges

*Budget! Finding quality material selections that deliver on aesthetics and fit the bill

*Cumbersome cabinet shop who required over 5 rounds of revisions on the detail drawings!

*Capturing the appropriate style and ambiance for the space with inexpensive lighting that had to also function well for a busy kitchen

*Shifting elements of importance to the exterior view of the house so that the interior function of the space was well designed (namely the windows and the door to the back porch)

Design solutions

*Developed clean and symmetrical layout with custom cabinetry (uppers, base and island all different colors) that offered easy access to day to day needs but also provided opportunity for more long-term storage around the fridge and display in the upper cabinets accented with glass

*Used two cabinetry colors on the uppers and lower cabinetry to provide more style for less bucks

*Kept to a galley kitchen layout for max function within the open floor plan

*Fresh, blue-grey subway tile backsplash select was budget friendly but applied across entire range side of the kitchen added extra visual interest

*Cheerful roman shade window covering for privacy and to add a touch of color and pattern

*Bright white Wooden counter stools and slipcovered dining chairs for breakfast table that added a little touch of style but were budget friendly and functional for family use

Special features

*Custom metal hood designed by our team and executed by local metal-smith for major wow!

*Slight alteration of paint color on base cabinets allowed a more varied palette for the kitchen overall while keeping with a timeless look and clean finish

*Fun oversized pendants accentuate the island and are a surprising juxtaposition with the clean cabinetry and subway tile combination

*48” Thermador range was a must have for the client and with the hood really anchors the design and adds incredible function and capacity to the use of the space for their growing family

*Latch-close cabinet hardware and bin pulls offer extra character on the inset cabinetry doors and drawers

*Furniture styling on cabinetry

*Patterned wall covering in the office (small area with easy kill points) offers an extra layer of visual interest and provides a slight bit of color to a space that’s otherwise simple and function-driven

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