Modern day parlor with a view!

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In this gorgeous  new construction home in Destin Florida, we worked with the client from the very original planning stages to the very end. Interior Design- Destin Florida

A riot of color

New Construction golf course living has never looked so good! This beautiful room is right off the entry foyer and overlooks the golf course and pool. Large windows and  a stunning chandelier create an open and airy space. Leather swivels felt like the most useful seating in this room with not only a view but a fireplace as well. Do not miss the mica wall covering in the back of the shelving niches!

Cocktails anyone?

This room also is near the formal dining room so it is a perfect spot for pre dinner cocktails or wine. I think we have even had a glass or two in there! The mix of color and pattern really make this room sing.

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What does the client say?

It’s almost impossible to write this review because I’m afraid I won’t be able to encompass all my thoughts and feelings as it relates to Cheryl and Liz and the entire team at In Detail. I truly don’t even know how to begin except to say the new construction project of my first home would simply not exist without them. Let me clarify, it would have existed in a bland, unexciting and cookie cutter form…. riddled with mistakes!!

From the minute we met with the architect…

Before a shovel was even put into the ground, Cheryl was there. From Day 1 she was involved in every single angle of this project and the amount of detail and care she has put in continues to blow my mind. This was not just some design job or someone helping me pick out furniture and such.

Somehow, the team of Cheryl and Liz can find their way inside your mind and understand your personal style, your desires and needs and then follow through… with undeniable results. They truly go SO FAR BEYOND what any reasonable human being could ever expect.

Our entire house changed for the better with her input on the layout itself, architectural adjustments and a million other improvements…. not the least of which include ridiculously beautiful furnishings, exotic and unique wallpapers, spectacular and sumptuous window treatments, thoughtful and delightful art pieces… and again, on and on and on and on. It is an understatement to say that the extent of her involvement is invaluable…her efforts are Herculean.

As a first-time home builder, I knew nothing about the complexities of the process and the level of stress it would involve.

Looking back, I simply cannot fathom doing any of this project without her…I would have absolutely been lost at sea forever. What I have learned is that design is a true art and science in understanding peoples’ behavior to create functional spaces that really do have meaning. Interior designers may decorate, but decorators do NOT design!!

Cheryl is a sassy, wildly creative, mad bulldog genius of a human being and I tear up a bit when I think about all she has done for us.

Whoever reads this needs to know the following without a shadow of a doubt: Hiring Cheryl and her team would be the smartest and absolute best decision/investment you could ever make into a home building or home renovation process.

I hardly ever write reviews…and again, I thought for a very long time about how to convey the admiration, appreciation and respect I have for these women. They have truly made a dream come true. Period. End of Story. Bravo in Detail!!! We love you forever!!—Laura Balters

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