Coastal Duplex Kitchen on the Water: Gulf Shores New Construction

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Designed from the ground up by In Detail

This was  a fun coastal beach house project in Fort Morgan Alabama We loved working on this colorful slice of paradise! We had a tight tight budget so we had to be creative. The home was designed by our team and featured a cool double set of large doors so that each side could open to the other side and be rented out for large gatherings.

Unique new  duplex construction in a coastal community.

Owners lived in the house part of the year and rented it out the remainder of the time. The entire home had to be as bullet proof as possible given the tiny budget allocated. The kitchen is part of an open floor plan with a dining space, living space, and the kitchen all occupying one part of the big rectangular area. The client had a fixed price contract for the property and thus the budget was set in stone, yet he wanted a coastal kitchen that had the ambiance of a much higher end project.Material choices in this coastal beach house reflect the colorful and casual style the owner desired. 

The name of the game was careful selection of “wow materials” to disguise the lesser expensive options of contractor built cabinetry and lower end appliances.

 But yet was imperative the flow of the space work for multiple seating options and working options. We carefully designed the layout to include a clean up zone in the island with working space as, well as a secondary sink near the range for a prep area (note the adjacent work space is ample), and the cooking zone that has ample work space near it too. Access to the refrigeration is at one end to not interfere with the cook and anyone prepping for a meal, as the home is large enough to house many guests – as well as the owners own young family!

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