The She Retreat- Luxe Bedroom and Bathroom

Luscious textures, bold color and pattern make for a sensuous experience

Walking into the consult for this remodel we were instantly presented with a client who wanted something clean and pretty. A master that was uniquely hers but also functional with a freestanding tub and shower. With a modest sized space and without a lot to judge from -she hadn’t moved into the house at all yet. Plus, she’d been burned by a contractor or two already. The space was demo’d out AND she’d been forced to start trying to look at materials for the bathroom herself. Oy! But there was no obstacle not overcome here!

The bathroom design layout was the first step!

Featuring a gorgeous freestanding tub perfectly framed on one end of the bathroom by a window. Including that to-die-for mother of pearl penny tile on the accent wall. Thus,  allowing us to chase the plumbing we needed for the tub filler!
We shifted the entry to the bath and relocated the potty room. The potty room really was the problem child of the whole layout.  This shift gave us a fun opportunity  to create an of toweling-off area at the entry to the shower. Thus, creating a visually and functional space that was such a special add!
Using a large format wall tile that offered up the calacatta gold feel and a smaller hex in actual calacatta gold on the shower floor (yum!!) the shower turned into this pretty, dreamy, soft thing of beauty. We widened the entrance and clad it in quartz to offer visual division and a clever kill point for the wall covering on the vanity side of the bathroom. And the stained bamboo platform (that’s removable!) was custom altered and fit to the shower entry by our cabinetmaker.

Designing a Custom Vanity Mirror

Of course, as the layering of these materials came together we couldn’t just find any mirror for the vanity – so we designed  one! The mirror was customized and upholstered in a champagne vinyl that we could control the size and scale of! The hint of new orleans flair and mixed metals in the pendant lights  framed the whole vanity space perfectly.  Thus, offering  a unique tension between the more smooth and sleek shapes throughout the design. While a major production, the carry over in the mother of pearl cabinet pulls just couldn’t have worked out more perfectly!
We love this bath SO much and our client did too! She put us to work on the bedroom too 🙂

Soft and Feminine Bedroom

In the bedroom the same soft feminine ambiance really shines. The plush, sable velvet headboard. The bold, abstract floral print wallcovering on the headboard wall. The hit of that deep ivy green  on the simple but perfect bedside lamps. The soft, high-pile rug that is a dream to put your feet on in the morning as you roll out of bed.
The textural elements in this master bedroom felt rather effortless.  We began to learn and love the client’s sense of style and excitement for something that really celebrated her favorite things. Pretty but an honest respite and retreat from her busy life with family and work travel! This same feel carried through to the little reading nook we created at the far end of the room. Those gorgeous garnet-meets-rust armchairs!
With a dedicated workspace right nearby too, the client really only needs to leave the room when she has to eat! We framed the space with some beautiful vintage travel prints and enlisted the same designer who worked on the bathroom pendants to design the perfect desk lamp. From the curvy metal legs on the desk to the inlaid shell on the pulls on this hardware, you just couldn’t ask for a more chic perch for paying the bills!
Together this design feels cohesive – thoughtful – original – and what was most important to us – genuine perfection for the client. Developing that mix to be sure her excitement and expectations were not just met but exceeded – there’s just nothing better.
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