Colorful design bringing in the individual style of the client

Colorful Design and Individualized Spaces

We love the opportunity to work with repeat clients, understanding their unique style and preferences. In this case, we had previously designed several core spaces in their home before they decided to sell and move. As we continued the remodel of their master bedroom in the new space, we also repurposed the original living room we designed for their previous home into a new bonus space for the kids. This allowed us to create a more contemporary living room with vibrant, multilayered colors and exciting materials. Despite the challenge of working around existing brick, we utilized a pair of statement chairs in a bold pattern as a catalyst for the rest of the design.

From drab and dowdy to fab

The transformation began by refreshing the entry with a stunning chandelier and eye-catching woven wallcovering. We considered the living room vignette from the entry, carefully tying together elements of fabrics and color palettes to achieve true unity. Throughout the space, we incorporated layers of textures and bold patterns, elevating the overall design. From a gorgeous purple mohair bed to captivating artwork in every corner, every detail contributed to the vibrant and individualized design. The result is a home that has been rejuvenated, going from drab to fab and now perfect for entertaining guests in a wine-bar-worthy atmosphere.

In the master bedroom, we focused on creating a peaceful and luxurious retreat. The purple mohair bed became the centerpiece, exuding elegance and comfort. We layered sumptuous fabrics and introduced unique artwork to infuse personality and charm. The color palette, carefully selected to reflect the client’s preferences, created a harmonious and calming ambiance. It was important for us to craft a space where the client could unwind and rejuvenate.

Throughout the home, we paid attention to the flow of spaces and how they interacted with each other. The transition from the entryway to the living room was seamless, with elements of fabrics and colors connecting the areas, creating a sense of cohesion. The living room itself became a lively and dynamic space, filled with energy and playfulness. Bold patterns and vibrant hues added a sense of excitement, making it the perfect spot for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Repeat clients are the best!

We are delighted to have rejuvenated this home room by room, bringing it to its best self for an established family who loves to enjoy company together and entertain. Our colorful and individualized design approach has transformed each space, creating an atmosphere that reflects the family’s unique style and values. From the revitalized entryway to the vibrant living room and tranquil master bedroom, every room tells a story and invites you to experience its warmth and charm.

Experience the magic of our colorful and individualized design approach as we transform your home, one room at a time, into a vibrant and inviting space tailored to your unique tastes and preferences. Let us take you on a journey of personal expression, creating a home that truly reflects who you are. We are thrilled to work not just in Pensacola Florida but also Destin Florida, Fairhope Alabama and across the country.