Contemporary coastal makeover starts with a strong plan review

Challenge accepted! Plan review for this stunning beachfront home reimagined to be sophisticated and functional.

In its previous state, the kitchen of this beachfront home featured cheap white cabinets, awful black countertops, and poor lighting. It was far from the desired coastal modern aesthetic that the client envisioned. However, with our expertise in plan review and a passion for creating updated and contemporary spaces that embrace coastal influences, we eagerly embarked on this project.

Modern coastal home gets a new life 

The plan review process was essential to address the challenges and bring the client’s vision to life. The existing flooring needed to be incorporated into the design, and a dated bar setup clad in plate glass mirror required a more original approach. Additionally, improving the kitchen’s layout to accommodate large gatherings while working around the structural pilings posed an interesting architectural puzzle. We recognized the importance of both aesthetics and functionality in the plan review, ensuring that every detail was thoroughly analyzed and optimized.

 A Coastal Modern Kitchen Escape

From its dark and dated state, the kitchen underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming an open, airy escape with a coastal modern vibe. The plan review involved careful consideration of clean, concise materials that could create a warm and inviting ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the coastal landscape, we embraced the soft, sand-dune-inspired movement in the flooring. Rich walnut cabinetry paired with a portobello paint color exuded modern elegance, while driftwood-inspired Northern Contours material on the upper cabinets near the fridge added a unique touch. Modern lighting fixtures and hardware were strategically chosen to enhance the overall design. Solid surface countertops were extended to encase the window-end of the kitchen, and a waterfall edge effect was applied to the small working island. By incorporating two dueling sinks, we achieved a “back bar” prep kitchen setup that catered to the needs of hosting large parties while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. The plan review also emphasized ample space for multiple chefs to work seamlessly in the kitchen. Noteworthy details included the unification of the space through a champagne grasscloth wallcovering that elegantly covered the walls and pilings, as well as the addition of a stunning side bar featuring a new smokey, geometric glass backsplash.

Function. Form. Details. All begins with the right plan.

Every detail was lovingly addressed during the plan review, focusing on both function and form. The resulting kitchen became a focal point of the home, reflecting the essence of coastal modern design while providing a practical and inviting hub for gatherings. The same level of attention was given to the bathrooms, leveraging the hardscape elements introduced in the kitchen’s design. With rich layered textures and special, pretty details, the bathrooms underwent a significant upgrade, aligning with the coastal modern aesthetic. These transformations not only enhanced the owners’ experience when they visited but also increased the rental value of the property, thanks to the quality investment made in the heart of the home.

The plan review of any home is the first place we begin.

The plan review played a crucial role in the successful transformation of this beachfront home into a sophisticated and functional coastal modern haven. By meticulously considering every aspect, from materials and layout to functionality and aesthetics, we achieved a truly remarkable outcome that seamlessly blended coastal charm with modern elegance. Experience the magic of our plan review process for your own coastal modern dream home.

The plan review sets the foundation for a successful and transformative journey, ensuring that every aspect is carefully considered and optimized. With our expertise in coastal modern design, we bring new life to beachfront homes, creating sophisticated and functional spaces that exceed expectations.