Master retreat: Bayou new construction

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Master bath modern with lots of wood!

With every master bath design we are faced with different challenges posed by the client.  Better storage, updated finishes,  larger shower, in need of  a tub, etc.
This bathroom remodel was a great testament to all of these priorities! Thus, balancing a warmer overall color palette for the client with a timeless feel and textured assortment of tile selections. There’s nothing not to love about this bathroom NOW!
A mid-tone stain applied to Walnut feels clean and modern. The use of  slab doors, dark cabinet pulls and funky elements helped to achieve this goal!

Unique shower and tub configuration

We loved that the client was excited to add the wooden platform by the shower entry! Thus, helping to  integrate the raised shower curb a bit more seamlessly into the overall design. This was also brilliant for breaking up what was otherwise a mostly neutral floor tile with something truly original and built for the space.

Natural organic elements with wood, stone, marble

Wood was also used to accentuate what would otherwise have been boring plate glass mirrors by framing in the wall space behind each vanity and making the other cabinetry built-in elements feel balanced in scale and style with a bolder frame.
Making all finishes feel rather integrated and thoughtful. A remodel always requires this sort of thinking – balancing old and new, keeping to the style of the existing home but forging new ground – and not taking space and resources for granted! Every selection and feature has an opportunity to shine – and year after year this design continues to do so!
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