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One of the most beautiful bedrooms with rich color, texture and personality

With a colorful master bathroom that blends the perfect matte finish, semi-primitive blast of pattern with rich, saturated jewel tones and a little Calacatta gold tile – determining the best fabrics and finishes for the master bedroom felt like a HUGE challenge. How do you stand up to something so fabulously unique and still create a soft respite for someone to slumber?!

This bedroom was a small space with existing Vetrazzo floors and an entire wall dedicated to floor-to-ceiling fixed glass pane windows. Between the cracks in the plaster ceiling and the lacquered pink dresser we knew we had our work cut out.

Saturated colors create a fairy tale bedroom

Fast forward to finding the perfect, sumptuously soft evergreen mohair for the headboard and furry tuffets for the foot of the bed. Texture became the name of the game and a certain level of color variation had to tie through from selection to selection. Cladding the walls with a gilt woven cloth wall covering that also pulled a sort of skin-tone clay from detail found in the Vetrazzo  flooring (OMG! so pretty!) and grounding everything with a sort of deco-inspired one-of-a-kind wool rug. The layers of unexpected style helped develop a more collected – less stylized – feeling overall.
Then it was bye-bye to the pink lacquer! A local artisan worked on a faux finish for the custom dresser that the client had already invested in and we just gave it a refresh with a deep bronze finish. Balancing this piece with the playful silk tassel pendant lights that frame a beautiful original painting of red headed queens by artist Nancy Rhodes Harper.

Exquisite lighting for a sexy master bedroom

Additionally, the swirl and swoop of the forged metal light fixture overhead play off the more structured spinal-column type pattern of the black out window treatments that truly act as their own piece of art. Each element has its place and plays with the visual and textural aesthetics that make our client (and our team) swoon.
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