New construction home in Destin Florida- Active family life

In this gorgeous  new construction home in Destin Florida, we worked with the client from the very original planning stages to the very end. Interior Design- Destin Florida

“As a first-time home builder, I knew nothing about the complexities of the process and the level of stress it would involve.”

“Looking back, I simply cannot fathom doing any of this project without her…I would have absolutely been lost at sea forever. What I have learned is that design is a true art and science in understanding peoples’ behavior to create functional spaces that really do have meaning.”

“Interior designers may decorate, but decorators do NOT design!!”

“Cheryl is a sassy, wildly creative, mad bulldog genius of a human being and I tear up a bit when I think about all she has done for us.”

Whew! Thank you for this review!

A riot of color

New Construction in Destin Florida with  golf course living has never looked so good! The beautiful parlo room is right off the entry foyer and overlooks the golf course and pool. Large windows and  a stunning chandelier create an open and airy space. Leather swivels felt like the most useful seating in this room with not only a view but a fireplace as well. Do not miss the mica wall covering in the back of the shelving niches!

Cocktails anyone?

This room also is near the formal dining room so it is a perfect spot for pre dinner cocktails or wine. I think we have even had a glass or two in there! The mix of color and pattern really make this room sing.

Read more about plans here..

An functional kitchen for an active family

This kitchen utilized an unusual palette of cool tones layered with a mix of textures. Benjamin Moore paints selected in a range of deep blue and light gray contrasted with a warm tan. Therefore, touches of warm finishes in the ochre hood, pendants and open bar shelving act as accents to the cool-toned cabinetry. Something a little out of the box from current design trends!

The selection of hardware acted as a complement for the mixture of finishes. In addition, the brushed matte finish reduced smudges for increased functionality. The final result was an eclectic space suitable for an active family!

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