Big Bang Bath Remodel

 Small Powder Bath Remodel!

Looking for inspiration to totally overhaul a small bath without breaking the budget?? This design executed a big bang for our buck. In addition,  we were able to not spare an ounce in refined detail, unique material selection, or visual texture. When presented with the original bath in a 1910 home – there was no other solution but to try and strip it back to simplicity and work from the ground up.

The hardscape in this bath added such character and selecting unique materials was feasible considering the small scale and cost benefit from having to tear out and replace plaster. Accented with all the right little hits – from the slight sparkle in the simply roman shade to the dreamy wall covering on the ceiling – to our favorite budget buy, a purple seeded glass pendant fixture over the vanity made y a local artist – this bath really oozes personality right now and epitomizes what it means to design with intention.


  • Update original, and unusable, bath in 1910 house
  • Create high style for as little of a budget as possible
  • Create a powder bath feel as there was no way to affordably keep a shower or tub with the older pipes and configuration of the room
  • Use tub area for additional storage
  • Use core black and white style for the classic nature of black and white but with modern materials instead of the same typical elements usually found in baths of this age

Design challenges

  • Budget limited
  • Access to the bath was difficult
  • Needed more lighting but could not do any recessed can lights
  • Needed to work as a powder bathroom but provide space for future storage in some way
  • Toilet needed to stay in existing location
  • Plaster had major issues and all needed to come out including issues with ceiling
  • Existing window needed to be replaced and was unsightly but was expensive and hard to access

Design solutions

  • Spent money on items that were key to the design and then went budget-oriented on other elements such as not doing any built in storage
  • Kept existing toilet to save on budget and since could not move
  • Found local supplier for pendant light
  • Inexpensive mirror
  • Saved money in long run by not having to redo plaster and using tile instead plus this gave us a much cooler effect in the design
  • Kept existing window but sealed it up to prevent leaking and built a crown detail to hide the “fix” on the top of window to be able to keep existing

Special features

  • Very interesting mosaic floor
  • Local craftsman pendant light
  • Custom designed vanity with two curved “puzzle” doors…this added a special vibe to the space
  • Ceiling is wallpapered to cover the stains on the ceiling with a jazzy sparkly look
  • Walls are all tiled