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Get help fast from an experienced interior designer, kitchen and bath designer, retail owner and business strategist! Designer to Designer!

I am happy to help! Please note this is via email or messaging only. NOT a zoom call.

We have three options and you can “bank” the time if you think you will need more. I do try my best to get back to you as soon as possible and you lock in the lower rates. 

I do a lot of answering questions in our group Small Business Think Big–but like all of you, need to be sure am using my time in the best way possible. So to make this work for me AND YOU, I am offering one and a half hour increments ( minimum) to help solve sticky problems, help you rewrite an email, answer specific issues on proposals etc. I am making this affordable. If you need more prompt assistance and there is no time available on our one on one calendar, this could be a good way to get the answers you need. 

Everyone needs a partner in their business and this is where I can step in and help you!

And truth is I really love doing it!

The email is so that I can do this when is best for me- when I am not doing my day job or working with designers one on one. This means I can do it from home or in the evenings or early mornings. I just did one while at market- because was a former long term design partner and she needed fast help!

Remember I am considered by many to be a kitchen and bath expert- even the insurance companies agreed after Hurricane Ivan

You  can reserve 1.5 hour or 3 hour blocks of time.  I am trying this ability to prebook my “attention” to see how it works and want it to be a win win for both of us.

A second opinion or to guide you out of a  tough situation

I want to be your partner and can help you with honest and forthright guidance! Up to three hours, by email or messaging- with back and forths, etc. too. If I think you need more time, will let you know and you have the option of a refund or to double it up!

Remember this is by email or text questions about business, a job, a plan, an idea, anything that relates to business of design or execution!

Process- Purchase the amount of time you feel you need. I will see the sale when it comes through but go ahead and send me an email with any supporting documents explaining the situation, what your goal is for help. I am working on a format for this but right now a simple email will work. Make sure you tell me the time frame within which you need a response.

I cannot guarantee I can get back to you in 48 hours depending on when it is but I will try to at least review and then have a response back to you with any additional questions.  I am pretty responsive but just never know what else is going on at the time!

Note- There are some topics that would be difficult to explain over text or email so reserve the right to let you know this and will always refund any monies not used or if you decide is not working for you, then we will refund then too as long as within the first month of service. 

 We aim  to provide substantial consultation and information about interior design.

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