Interior design business coaching

The best business coaching for interior designers,

small business owners, designers, retailers!

I want to get to know your business and be part of your growth in 2022.

My philosophy is the best way to work with an interior design consulting client is to get to know their business- how they operate- where the deficiencies are and what to do next to elevate to the next level. This is my preferred way to work.

Seasoned Designers

For some designers who have established firms, I am their “partner” with an unbiased eye to their success. The honest feedback based on 20 years of experience in the trenches. I am doing it alongside you.

Designers changing direction

Other designers need guidance to add more services, refining their sales skills, increase marketing awareness- any of these areas are in my wheelhouse. But do not listen to just me- read the reviews, call previous clients- we welcome you to check us out to be sure I am the right coach for you.

Designers wanting to add retail to their mix

Excited about the idea of adding retail to your current design offerings? Or maybe it has always been your dream to own a retail shop. I can help you navigate the ins and outs of this crazy retail world.

Customized meetings just for your needs!

I like to set an agenda with you after you do the questionnaire- it really helps us focus on the meetings. So say one hour each meeting on a topic–unless is just one deep dive into a single topic for the entire term, and then we can do 30 minutes each meeting of whatever happens to be going on in general.

Within a few hours you will be sent a link to the scheduler and questionnaire via Dubsado. If late in the day then will be next business day. If there are any issues please email

Disclaimer: Coaching calls must be scheduled and completed within 10 months of time of purchase. If too much time in between calls passes due to the lack of scheduling on the part of the designer, then we reserve the right to deduct time from last meeting to review previous materials and files again.

Business coaching for interior designers


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