Making the decision to hire for an Interior Design Firm [Epic Guide] And- what to do next!

This is pretty epic.

99 pages plus bonus material on how to scale your business by hiring the right people- training them to be an integral part of your brand and encouraging mind set shifts that will change the way your team communicates.

Including our 2020 Non disclosure legal document- protect yourself!

This ended up being not just for hiring- so much for anyone who is running a business.

In all honesty this is so much of my wisdom on hiring and training from 20 years of NON STOP being the owner of a successful interior design firm. The information is distilled into bite sized chunks in 7 sections for you to reference- you are busy just like I am and we all need to be able to assimilate information quickly and easily.

Learn how to fund a new hire, what to pay a new hire, how to evaluate their performance and how to train them for success. This is how we do it and it has been working pretty dang well over here:)

Many AHA moments here! My “12 step” mindset shift is excellent for you and your team to refocus on elements of their work that will help them succeed- which means YOU will succeed.

Plus real ads, job descriptions and more to help you hit the ground running.

In fact if you do not have at least 3 solid AHA moments after going through this entire guide, then call me and you can get your money back. 14 day money back guarantee as I know this is going to work for you- even if you are not planning to hire for a long time. This is the information you need but much of it can help you accelerate your business even following my wisdom without hiring!

What is included in this power packed hiring guide?

7 sections plus 2 bonus sections- Totaling 121 pages plus downloads of information relating to hiring and retaining employees, training wisdom, and so much more!

Are you ready to hire?

(18 pages) Ask yourself these questions- and why. This is not fluff- it is like your best friend really drilling down to find out your why for hiring and making sure is the right thing for you.

The Search

(12 pages) Where to find the right people and many real ads included that have worked for us for design assistants, marketing people, showroom people.

Evaluating and Interviewing candidates for the interior design firm

(11 pages) Our process, sample email with questions to qualify a prospect, interview questions that work, Cheryl’s hard NO’s, the interview process.

Sample job descriptions for the interior design firm

(7 pages) Duties and responsibilities all laid out for you! Design assistants, showroom people, accounting coordinator, marketing coordinator

Compensation and Benefits for the interior design firm

(22 pages) How to pay for a new person, our incentive plans, off the beaten path perks for employees that create a fun and creative culture, How to calculate your “shop” rate, illustrations of how to pay new design assistants who can be billed out- so much goodness here!

 The team experience-How to communicate as a team

(18 pages)This is where Cheryl’s 12 step mind set shift comes in- some you may have heard from me before but not like this- and you can print these out and paper your office with them! Great reminders. I promise you will excel if you follow my guidance in these areas.  Words from our team, this section is all about communicating.

On boarding and training  the new hire

( 23 pages) The first day experience, what we require for every employee, training ideas and tips that will surprise you- and accelerate your new hire and maybe even you to new heights!

BONUS- 7 for Success

These are my words of wisdom to anyone looking to make the best impression starting a new job. Give them to your kid or hide them under the new gal’s desk.

BONUS- 10 legal questions answered

Of course consult your own state laws but these are some of the things I KNOW people do not think about- it can cost you.

7 downloadable forms or word docs- including our 2020 NDA!

  • Our 2020 NDA recently reviewed by our attorney is short and sweet- but enforceable. You would pay more than 299.00 for this alone!
  • Employee application, information form and also threw in 2020 W4 and I9 so you can have all of this in one place. ( those 2 not counted in the 7 forms of ours!)
  • Driving distracted policy- I included the one we have now but will send you the 2020 one when I get it back- many changes so needed to have the Attorney review.
  • Employee review form we use– this is essential and I have it in a word doc- just add what you want and your logo!
  • Employee infraction form we use– DOCUMENTATION  is critical if you ever need to fire. Use this form!
  • Power verbs infographic- This is great for a new hire to understand how the use of the right words will empower them to work better , write better emails and accelerate faster to be of great help to you!

I have worked so hard to birth this baby and hope with all of my heart this will help you achieve the success I have found in my business and in my team. They are EVERYTHING TO ME!

I cannot promise to answer every question you might have after purchasing this guide but will try my best! And for sure if you have any questions about the content, message me and will explain further!

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live passionately cheryl

Hiring and Training Employees for the Interior Design firm


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