Mix and Match DGD Pens – Set of 5



Mix and Match DGD Radiant Softly Black Ink Pens!

Love all of the DGD Pens? You can mix and match between these three pens. Sold in a set of 5. Perfect for work or even a gift!
After checking out we will email you to ask what pens you would like to order. You can also leave us a comment upon check out with what pens you would like. Choose up to a quantity of 5 pens.

Pen Options:

  • What Have I Done to Advance the Project?
  • Shoe Molding is the Antichrist!
  • Just Say No to Catalog Decorating!


Additional Pen Information:

  • Metal material
  • Black ink color
  • Rubberized soft touch finish
  • Medium ballpoint
  • Retractable mechanism


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