Fiery Sky – Original 36×36 Painting on Canvas


Original 36 x 26 acrylic artwork on Canvas

Regional artist Susan Lucas has depicted the view of a fiery sky beyond a colorful bush of thorns in this bright piece. Art transforms any room- it is our secret sauce as a design firm. Now you can own your own bit of our style!

About the artist!

Susan Lucas is  known for paintings with a contemporary edge and sophisticated color.  Each piece of art  is inspired by a particular experience or memory and exists on the edge between representation and abstraction. A full-time resident of Santa Rosa Beach, FL since 1999, Susan works in her studio just steps from the beach.

Using acrylic paints on canvas, the paint is applied in many layers, so the surface is enriched with subtle changes of colors, textures, and values. Details emerge and are submerged. Each painting expresses feelings or memories about a particular place.

What do you see?  We see a fiery sunset- but would love to know what you think!

Hi! We  are excited that you are interested in this piece!
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For extra inspiration, this piece could pair with this serving tray and this pillow!

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