Sub code of conduct and agreement

A handy agreement to give to subs or even contractors you are referring to a project. This is not just a legal document as much as a guide to expectations on the job site with clients and other sub contractors. This information helps create an outline for expected behavior before and during the project. Verbiage to help protect your work from being put out into social media prematurely too!

I have included a pdf form prepared via jot form that has all the information in it and you can send this to your sub to make it easy. However you should open with Adobe Acrobat to use- I make no guarantees on this form- it is a new thing for us but wanted to include it in case will work for you. A bonus!

Working with subs is a key component in the world of most designers!

This sub agreement and code of condut is the one we use to ensure subs we bring onto a job site are respectful of our process. It also conveys to the sub-contractor  our  professional approach to communication.  Our objective is to do everything we can to ensure the success of the project working as a team.

The relationships you maintain can make or break the success of a project. We feel going into the relationship with a clear understanding on both parties of the expectations can make all the difference.

This agreement is predicated on the basis of bringing the sub into the project.

This is typical with most of our projects.  However many elements of this agreement can be used with other subs on a job that even if the client or a contractor brings them to the party.  It is all a matter of communication and negotiation on what is deemed acceptable or not.

This also includes basic legalese for any contract you may need with any subs- but we have separated them out so you can edit and use which pieces you need.

I hope this helps everyone think of some of the issues that arise on a job site and to address them in advance- good communication is key!


Disclaimer- This provides general information and advice of which some has legal consequences. Every state is different with laws governing contracts such as this and you should seek legal advice to be sure there are no limitations herein. We do not make any representation or warranty that the sub agreement is viable in your state or local municipality. 

Sub Agreement and code of conduct for Designer Projects


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