Welcome to BOB!

Thank you. Your subscription has been activated and we are ready to roll!

Below is a link to a video that will show you how to access the content pages once you are logged into the BOB Portal. 

Below are step by step instructions if video is not your thing! 

1.Go to our website: www.indetailinteriors.com
2.Click on the “For Designers” tab at top and scroll down to the icon that says BOB LOG IN
3.Log in to your account using the credentials you set up when you paid. 
4.Once logged in, to access your subscription, select “Subscriptions” from the banner
 5.Select the right subscription you purchased ( BOB Bundle or the individual BOB track) 
Click on the name on the left side. Hover and the text will turn purple. 
6. Click the title and you will be directed to the main membership page! 

Do not forget to join our Mighty Networks group too!
Once in, ask to be included in your specific group you joined.