A comprehensive and powerful business model for creative entrepreneurs

Sections 1 & 2
The Business Model and Creating Cheeky Cherubs

A business model for contrarians and non-conformists.

Subjects include an in depth dive into each of these core subjects. Live workshops, videos, on demand learning, multiple deliverables to help you run your business and our signature app!

  • Defining your product 

  • Flat fees & Minimum expenditures

  • Projecting income and growth goal mapping

  • Pricing, using our signature calculator and the power of three

  • Data analysis and why it matters to your pricing

  • Fun with financials-deep dive into my secrets to the P and L 

  • Legal considerations

  • Creative Creating 

  • Elements of design- the crux of the matter

  • Selling the vision and not the parts

  • Owning the budget conversation

  • The visual scope of work

  • Many deliverables in the way of templates, calculators and client facing documents

The design paradigm Business coaching

1 Mind your own business. (They said)

Show me the money!

The Design Paradigm business and marketing coaching for interior designers

2 Creating cheeky cherubs, wondrous whizbangs and a fearless faith in the prodigious piquancy of the fire breasted flowerpeckers

All the momentous things no one ever told you was a thing and absolutely necessary to rule the world.

Opening your mind to being a creative mo fo and challenge the status quo

Get ready
Beginning January 17th with the live workshops!